Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Suhaini Aznam - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Suhaini Aznam
Advantage points: choice of Suharto's vice-president key polls issue. (Indonesian politics)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Away from the wheel; shares in Indonesia's Astra sold as bank totters. (car manufacturer)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Back to the real world. (stabilization of the Indonesian banking industry) (Focus: Banking in Asia) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Banks for all buyers: Indonesia opens up important stock sector. (banking)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Combating poverty: industrialisation remains the best bet. (agricultural development as an inept route toward economic growth)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Paul Handley, Suhaini Aznam
Contested closure; court case tests official right to ban media. (Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Cost of indecision: Indonesia closes crisis-ridden Bank Summa.Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Counting the cost of Timor. (international reaction towards massacre of Timorese demonstrators by Indonesian military) (Focus: Indonesia 1992)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Father knows best. (Perusahann Terbatas Bank Summa)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Fatwas and sensibility. (coping with the AIDS problem in Indonesia) (Arts & Society: AIDS in Asia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Fires of religious dissent. (Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Growth from Asian markets. (tourist industry targets Asian travelers and not the usual American, Australian and European tourists) (Focus: Indonesia 1992)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Inflation squeeze. (Indonesia's economy)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Investment slows. (foreign investment in Indonesia) (Economic Monitor: Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Lacklustre race: parliamentary polls devoid of divisive issues. (Indonesia's elections)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
No surprises: election confirms Golkar's firm grip on power. (Regional)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
On the inside lane. (Indonesia's ruling Golkar party)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Passport control. (Indonesia's new immigration laws)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Pop politics: all play, little debate at 'festival of democracy'. (Indonesian parliamentary elections) (Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Reason and rhetoric. (NAM summit Jakarta, September 1992)Business, internationalCharles Smith, Suhaini Aznam
Recruit scandals. (increasing number of illegal recruiting agencies in Asia) (Migrant Labour) (Cover Story)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam, Frank Jiang
Sell the silver: Bank Summa's owners may off-load key asset. (Indonesia's Soeryadjaya family)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Stormy passage: Japan's plutonium shipment scares Asean. (Association of South East Asian Nations, includes related article)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Michael Vatikiotis, Shim Jae Hoon, Suhaini Aznam
Stumbling block: Indonesia-EC agreement ditched by Timor issue. (human rights violations in East Timor)Business, internationalAdam Schwarz, Suhaini Aznam, Shada Islam
The big advance. (liberalization of Indonesian state banks) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
The shadow of Dili. (Australia's efforts to re-establish ties with Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
The toll of low wages. (growing number of strikes) (Focus: Indonesia 1992)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Too bold for comfort. (Indonesian Democratic Party)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Traveller's tales. (Hinduism in Bali)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Traveller's tales. (Indonesia's paramilitary Taruna Nusantara high school) (Column)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Traveller's tales. (province of Aceh, Indonesia) (Column)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
Treacherous shoals. (China's policy in the disputed South China Sea)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Lincoln Kaye, Murray Hiebert, Michael Vatikiotis, Carl Goldstein, Suhaini Aznam, Nayan Chanda
Tyres flat at Indonesia's Astra. (Astra International Incorporated P.T.)Business, internationalMark Clifford, Suhaini Aznam
Wooing the clergy. (Nahdlatul Ulama's endorsements in Indonesia's national elections)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam
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