Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Sucheta Dalal - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Sucheta Dalal
Bombay bombshell: banks in turmoil over securities scandal. (Markets)Business, internationalSucheta Dalal
Caught in a storm: Indian securities scam snares economic reformer. (Commerce Minister P. Chidambaram)Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Sucheta Dalal
Double dealings: Indian stock crash leads back to bond scams.Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Sucheta Dalal
Home before abroad. (development of telecommunications market in Asia) (Focus: Telecommunications 1992)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Adam Schwarz, Doug Tsuruoka, Paul Handley, Michael Westlake, Sucheta Dalal
Jewellery sale. (Indian government to auction off shares in state-owned corporations)Business, internationalSucheta Dalal
Open house in India: investment reforms get a qualified welcome. (foreign institutional investment in India)Business, internationalSucheta Dalal
Paper chase: India cracks down on alleged bond fraudsters.Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Jonathan Friedland, Sucheta Dalal
Paper tiger: India's securities watchdog lacks independence. (Securities and Exchange Board of India)Business, internationalSucheta Dalal
Riot and recrimination. (India's political situation after demolition of Ayodhya mosque)Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Sucheta Dalal, Rita Manchanda
That sinking feeling: India's first overseas equity issue collapses.Business, internationalJonathan Friedland, Sucheta Dalal
Two for the market. (reorganization in Indian industrial conglomerates Reliance Industries and Essar Gujarat)Business, internationalSucheta Dalal
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