Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Stacy Mosher - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Stacy Mosher
A Patten reading list: some unsolicited suggestions for the next governor. (Hong Kong governor-designate Chris Patten)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Michael Taylor
Basic flaw. (UK and China argument over Hong Kong democratization)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Beyond the pale: Britain, China criticised over attitude towards colony. (Hong Kong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Bill of wrongs: rule of law takes odd course in bribery trial. (Hong Kong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Common cause. (ongoing debate in Hong Kong's Legislative Council regarding labor importation)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Conservatives' day: liberals foiled in push for more democracy. (Hong Kong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Deng's distant vision: Shenzhen booms, but doubts persist over aims of reform. (Deng Xiaoping) (China, part 1) (Cover Story)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Elizabeth Cheng
Distorted signal. (privatization of Radio Television Hong Kong sparks controversy with China)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Drawing the line. (China's reaction to political reform in Hongkong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Free for all: economic strategy inspired by Hongkong. (Shenzhen economic zone) (China, part 2) (Cover Story)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Elizabeth Cheng
Gang of forty-four. (China's advisers on Hong Kong affairs)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Going green: big business wants to clean up the environment. (Hongkong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Hubs and spokes: SEZ plans ambitious road, rail network. (Shenzhen, China's special economic zone) (China, part 4) (Cover Story)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Elizabeth Cheng
Last viceroy: Patten's appointment signals shift of power.Business, internationalStacy Mosher, James Bartholomew
Missing link. (retired Hong Kong policeman To Kwong Sum reappears in the colony as an escort to his drug lord employer)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
No-man's land: Chinese municipality prospers as Hong Kong's partner in crime. (Huizhou, China)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Patriotism is enough. (Hongkong-China reunification question)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Peace at any price. (Macau's relations with China)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Piggy suppliers. (Hongkong's pork merchants) (Regional)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Shadow of China. (China to appoint local consultants in Hong Kong to oversee colony's transition to Chinese rule)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Shaken and stirred. (Hong Kong governor Christopher Patten proposes new agenda)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Frank Ching
Shot by the mob. (protest against triads' hold over Hong Kong's film industry)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Straight talk: Britain toughens stance on colony's future. (Hong Kong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
The sweat shops nearby. (Baoan county near Shenzhen, China, special economic zone) (China, part 3) (Cover Story)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Elizabeth Cheng
The taxing Wongs. (clan of hereditary tax gatherers)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Trouble with triads: new law toughens penalties for organised crime. (Hongkong's Bill of Rights)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Unquiet graves. (Treasure Base Development Ltd.'s planned columbarium delayed by local residents' resistance)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
Untamed frontier: China seen as key to stemming violent crime wave. (increasing incidents of robbery are believed to be committed by gangs crossing the Chinese border) (HongKong)Business, internationalStacy Mosher
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