Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Sophie Quinn-Judge - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Sophie Quinn-Judge
Cash 'n carry cadres: Vietnamese workers-turned-traders spark resentments inRussia. (economic tensions in post-communist Russia)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
Hobbled by old habits. (holdover communists blocking economic reforms in Russia's Sakhalin Islands)(includes related article)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
It's still Russia vs. Japan. (dispute over Kurile Islands)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
Market forces. (Russia to continue economic relations with Vietnam)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
The Cossacks are coming. (revival of Cossacks in post-USSR Russia)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
The new domino: ethnic and Islamic forces rock Tajikistan. (former Soviet republic's political situation)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
Waiting for Moscow. (Maritime Region's economic recovery plan delayed by Russian government's inaction)(includes related article)Business, internationalSophie Quinn-Judge
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