Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Shim Jae Hoon - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Shim Jae Hoon
Against the ruler. (Chung Ju Yung hints at presidential bid; South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Amnesty international. (South Korea's policy on foreign labor)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Ballot dance. (South Korean presidential candidate Chung Ju Yung's campaign)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Caught by the system: legal ambiguities trap ruling party MP. (member of parliament)(political corruption in South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Convention stakes: Kim leads the thin field of DLP candidates. (selection ofSouth Korea's Democratic Liberal Party chairman)(includes related article)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Cooler heads. (South Korea's local elections)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Counting the cost: Daewoo chief opts out of presidential race. (South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Election boomerang: crackdown on Hyundai may have backfired. (South Korean government's raids on Hyundai business group befor presidential election)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon, Ed Paisley
Goodbye to all that. (South Korean student dissidents participate in parliament)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Haunted by the past. (issue of war-zone Korean sex slaves during World War II mars Japanese-South Korean relations)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Identity crisis: Chinese residents split over switch to Peking. (South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Imperfect choices. (December 1993 presidential elections in South Korea) (Cover Story)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Little comfort. (relations between Japan and South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Looking ahead: looking abroad. (overseas investments by South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Masterly retreat: Roh answers critics by quitting ruling party. (South Korean President Roh Tae Woo resigns from the Democratic Liberal Party)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Melting pot boils over: Los Angeles riots dramatise plight of Korean Americans. (Los Angeles, California)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Shim Jae Hoon
Money is power: cost of politics escalates with more democracy. (South Korean politics)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Mr Clean comes clean. (South Korean parliamentarian Lee Hai Chan)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Park steels for battle: resignation threatens party unity. (South Korean Democratic Liberal Party's co-chairman Park Tae Joon resigns)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Political theatre. (crisis in South Korea's Democratic Liberal Party)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Power of incumbency. (proposal for local elections in South Korea before the end of 1992)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Southern comfort. (defection by North Koreans abroad)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Southern lure. (Seoul's review of its ties with Vietnam)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Stormy passage: Japan's plutonium shipment scares Asean. (Association of South East Asian Nations, includes related article)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Michael Vatikiotis, Shim Jae Hoon, Suhaini Aznam
Taming the spooks. (South Korea's National Security Planning Agency turns neutral)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Tangled web; cracking of alleged spy ring shakes opposition. (South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
The contending Kims. (Dec 1993 South Korean presidential election candidates Kim Young Sam and Kim Dae Jung)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
The price of unity. (Korean economic integration)(includes related article on Germany's reunification) (Cover Story)Business, internationalMark Clifford, Shim Jae Hoon
Too many Kims. (newly-formed Unification National Party appeals to South Korean voters)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Trade and trade-off. (Russian Pres Boris Yeltsin's visit to South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon, Ed Paisley
Trounced at the polls: ruling party's setback will also affect presidential stakes. (Democratic Liberal Party fails to get majority number of seats in parliament) (South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
Welcome to reality. (social costs of Korean unification)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon
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