Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 S. Kamaluddin - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 S. Kamaluddin
All in the family. (family-dominated tradition of politics in Bangladesh)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Anxious neighbours. (Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Burmese-Bangladeshi dispute)(includes related article)Business, internationalMichael Vatikiotis, Paul Handley, S. Kamaluddin
A whiff of scandal: dispute delays Bangladesh fertiliser project. (Japanese and European investors deal with the demands of the new democratic government)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Back to your books: government clamps down on campus violence. (bloody confrontations between student bodies in Bangladesh campuses)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Country of choice: Bihari refugees to return to Pakistan. (Regional)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Dangers of drift. (Bangladesh's economy)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Lights, music - inaction! (corruption in the banking industry of Bangladesh) (Focus: Banking in Asia) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Long arm of the law: fundamentalist leader to face trial. (Golam Azam of Bangladesh)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Lure of the Gulf. (influx of migrant labor in the Persian Gulf) (Migrant Labour) (Cover Story)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin, Hamish McDonald, Salamat Ali
Mixed message. (Bangladesh's economic performance )Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
People's verdict. (Bangladesh extra-legal trials)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Pitfalls of reform. (Bangladesh economy)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Radio vs fibre as way to go. (Asian subcontinent telecommunications systems) (Focus: Telecommunications 1992)Business, internationalSalamat Ali, S. Kamaluddin
Reform, by degrees: Dhaka cuts taxes to stimulate growth. (Bangladesh)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Rise of the phoenix. (Bank of Credit and Commerce's Bangladesh unit revived as Eastern Bank)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
The Arakan exodus. (Burmese refugees in Bangladesh)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
The begum's gambit. (Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia's plan to return Pakistani refugees)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
The three-year itch. (Bangladesh to implement three-year plan to hasten development projects)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Top degree, top dollar. (private universities in Bangladesh)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
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