Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Rodney Tasker - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Rodney Tasker
Arms and cash. (elections in Thailand characterized by massive spending; includes related article)Business, internationalPaul Handley, Rodney Tasker
Ascent of angels. (victory of conservative coalition in the general electionin Thailand)(includes related article)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
A second chance. (Thailand's elections) (Cover Story)Business, internationalPaul Handley, Rodney Tasker
Bad chemistry: Chamlong and the military set for new confrontation. (Thailand's Chamlong Srimuang)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Bad trip. (presidential contender Fidel V. Ramos' trip to Zurich, Switzerland, has brought about bad publicity) (Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Bagmen and brass: military lobby seeks a return to politics. (political situation in Thailand)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Battle on home front. (Cambodia)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Capital punishment. (Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim's crusade against crime)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Chatichai fever. (Thailand's ex-Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan campaigns) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Church militant. (religious leaders in Philippine politics)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Class warriors. (military leaders in Thailand politics)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Diplomatic engineering. (Thai aid to Cambodia)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Down, but not yet out. (government transition in Thailand after resignation of former PM Suchinda Kraprayoon)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
End of the sentry: US military withdrawal prompts security fears. (Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Facing up to security. (Association of Southeast Asian Nations' foreign relations)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Firing practice. (Thai-style politics)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Fortunes at risk; sanctions threaten Thai-Khmer Rouge trade. (proposed UN economic sanctions against Cambodia)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
General malaise. (General Saw Maung's medical problems undermine his ability to lead Burma)Business, internationalBertil Lintner, Rodney Tasker
Grassroot support. (Philippine leftist groups to influence May 1992 elections)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Heavyweight contest. (1992 presidential elections in the Philippines) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Lady protests too much. (Philippine presidential candidate Miriam Defensor Santiago)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Man from Palawan: a country lad's rise to prominence. (Ramon Mitra) (Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
March of democracy. (interview with Thai Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun) (Interview)Business, internationalPaul Handley, Rodney Tasker, L. Gordon Crovitz
March of democracy: middle class challenges military hold on power. (Chamlong Srimuang against Thailand's military rulers)Business, internationalPaul Handley, Rodney Tasker
More heat than light. (power shortage in the Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
No good losers. (defeated candidates of Philippine presidential elections)(includes related article)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Rodney Tasker
No sleaze, please. (Thailand's businessmen enter politics)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Options for change. (traditional politics challenged in Philippine elections in May)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Rodney Tasker
Order in the ranks. (revamp in Thai military leadership)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Out with the old. (traditional politicians lose Philippine voters' support)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Rodney Tasker
Parties in flux. (Thailand's political parties) (Regional)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Polishing the cabinet: political debts, army sensitivity shape Chuan's line-up. (Thailand's Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai's selection of cabinet ministers; includes interview)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Politics by numbers; LDP's network makes Mitra the favourite in presidential race. (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino; Ramon Mitra)(includes related article on Mitra interview) (Philippines) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Rodney Tasker
Populist pulpit. (Philippine presidential candidate Miriam Defensor Santiago protests election results)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Premier of last resort. (Thai army commander Suchinda Kraprayoon)(includes related article)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Ready, steady, wait: Ramos' priorities based on ensuring political stability. (Philippine President Fidel Ramos; includes interview)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Rodney Tasker
Real-life drama: Estrada totes gun on and off screen. (Philippine Vice-President Joseph Estrada)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Reel-life politicians: film and TV stars loom large in election run-up.Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Regroup and dig in: military plans next move after inconclusive election. (formation of a party coalition composed of Samakkhi Tham, Chart Thai, the Social Action Party and Prachakorn Thai) (Thailand)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Salonga's last stand. (presidential candidate Jovito Salonga unlikely to win in May 11, 1992 Philippine elections)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Services rendered: prime minister tackles party claims for ministries. (Thai Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Shunted sideways: many generals shifted in military house-cleaning. (military revamp in Thailand)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Sides of a triangle. (Cambodian PM Hun Sen, Thai Foreign Minister Prasong Soonsiri, UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Cambodia Yasushi Akashi; includes related article) (Interview)Business, internationalRodney Tasker, Nayan Chanda
Sword and shield: special forces on call for post-poll peacekeeping. (Armed Forces of the Philippines and the presidential elections)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Taxing poll: voters face bewildering choice in May elections. (large number of political candidates) (Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
The gem stampede: round-the-clock mining by Thai companies. (exploitation of natural resources in Cambodia) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker, Nayan Chanda
The jury is out: non-traditional candidates lead in early polls. (1992 Philippine presidential elections)Business, internationalJonathan Karp, Rodney Tasker, Bobi Tiglao
The quiet fixer. (Thailand's politically powerful Charoen Bhatanadamrongchit) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
The ringmaster returns: Interim Premier Anand moves to end impasse. (Thailand's Anand Panyarachun)(includes related article) (Regional) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Traveller's tales. (Thailand elections)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Treaty of Utrecht: Manila holds talks with communist leaders. (peace initiatives by Philippines)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Victory or oblivion. (1992 Thai elections, includes sidebar)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
Voters' second chance. (Thailand: Trade and Investment)Business, internationalRodney Tasker
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