Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Robert Delfs - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Robert Delfs
Activism in Asia. (Japanese Foreign Minister Michio Watanabe analyzes his country's regional role)Business, internationalCharles Smith, Robert Delfs
Back on track. (Japan's Liberal Democratic Party's upper house election victory)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Breaking the mold: ruling party shaken by Takeshita faction battle. (Liberal Democratic Party of Japan; former prime minister Noburu Takeshita)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Cash and carry: Japanese trucking firm at heart of financial scandal. (Sagawa Kyubin group of companies)(includes related article on companies and persons involved in the scandal) (Companies)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Clouded vision: agency divisions hamper intelligence effort. (Japanese military intelligence)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Tai Ming Cheung
Do or die tactics: Socialists resign in bid to block peacekeeping bill. (Japan) (Regional)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Emperor, China-bound. (Emperor Akihito of Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Far out, spaced out? Cast your votes for UFOs or vinegar. (proliferation of political parties in Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Friction in the ranks: political fallout of stockmarket slide is uncertain. (1992 Tokyo stockmarket crash)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Godfather's legacy. (Japan's Liberal Democratic Party leadership succession)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Imperial pawn. (Emperor Akihito invited to visit China)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Leading the energy race. (Focus: Japan 1992)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Looking for a role: filling a potential Asian power vacuum is fraught with problems. (Focus: Japan 1992)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Masters in exile. (professional players of the ancient game of go)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Offshore samurai: vote on peacekeeping bill strengthens Miyazawa. (Japanese PM Kiichi Miyazawa)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Off the leash: Miyazawa forms cabinet without dominant faction. (Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Off the sick list. (Kiichi Miyazawa regains public support)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Opposition glue. (Rengo-na-kai, Japanese opposition coalition)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Passing the bullet. (Group of Seven criticizes Japan's economic policies)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Susumu Awanohara
Questionable company. (Michio Watanabe's involvement in Indonesian aid project)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Question of survival. (Japan's Liberal Democratic Party shelves plan to liberalize rice imports in anticipation of elections)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Road to Malaysia: Daim Zainuddin denies ties to Sagawa Kyubin. (investigation of alleged payments made by Tokyo Sagawa Kyubin Company Ltd. to former finance minister of Malaysia)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Doug Tsuruoka
Rural retreat: Miyazawa's position eroded by another poll loss. (Kiichi Miyazawa) (Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Scandal tactics. (Japanese opposition aims to discredit the government)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Seeds of change: upper house poll may herald party realignment. (Japanese parliament; Liberal Democratic Party)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Slow hand of the law. (Sagawa scandal in Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Smoking gun. (new evidence linking former Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita with the Yakuza)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Starting over: minority leader seeks to redraw political map. (Satsuki Eda; Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The godfather stumbles. (Shin Kanemaru of Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The lost throne. (Japan's Liberal Democratic party's prominent leader Shin Kanemaru to resign)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The new threat. (threats to Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The Ozawa game plan. (acting chairman of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The ultimate game. (growing interest in the ancient Asian game of go)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The untouchable. (Japanese Liberal Democratic Party leader Shin Kanemaru)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
The vanishing threat. (reduced Soviet military threat pushes Japan to cut defence spending)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Train the foreigner. (foreign workers in Japan)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Travelling salesman. (Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Susumu Awanohara
Under the influence: Sagawa testimony marked by inconsistencies. (Sagawa Kyubin, trucking company implicated in bribery scandals involving former Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Unexploded bomb. (political scandal involving Tokyo Sagawa Kyubin)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Weighty problem: wrestler's remarks spark new US-Japan row. (non-Japanese sumo wrestler Konishiki)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
Why pick on us? (wives of Yakuza gang members protest)Business, internationalRobert Delfs
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