Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Rita Manchanda - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Rita Manchanda
Dam under fire: World Bank report rekindles environmental row. (Sardar Sarovar dam in India)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Rita Manchanda
Frozen waste; mountain campaign shows little sign of ending. (Siachen glacier dispute; India-Pakistan)Business, internationalRita Manchanda
Loss of confidence. (government affairs in India)Business, internationalRita Manchanda
Riot and recrimination. (India's political situation after demolition of Ayodhya mosque)Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Sucheta Dalal, Rita Manchanda
Shattered covenant. (destruction of mosque by Hindus on Dec 6, 1992, in Ayodhya, India)Business, internationalHamish McDonald, Rita Manchanda
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