Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Philip Bowring - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Philip Bowring
Crumbs for the poor: wage earners fall behind in wealth distribution. (Hongkong)Business, internationalPhilip Bowring
Demands on the purse: the budget comes under political pressures. (Hong Kong's budget)(includes related article on budget cuts) (Hong Kong)Business, internationalPhilip Bowring
Futures furore. (Hongkong government's intervention in Robert Ng's speculation fraud case)Business, internationalPhilip Bowring
Future shock. (stock index futures and options trading) (Shroff) (Column)Business, internationalJulian Baum, Anthony Rowley, Philip Bowring
Taken for a bus ride. (shareholder exploitation by China Paint's board members) (Shroff) (Column)Business, internationalPhilip Bowring
Worthless paper. (the Hongkong government's protection plan for bank deposits)Business, internationalPhilip Bowring
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