Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992
A capital dilemma: Tokyo's vulnerability to earthquakes prompts search for new location. (relocation of Japan's political capital)Business, internationalMichael Heazle
Accelerated promotion: Indonesia now leads the Non-Aligned Movement.Business, internationalAdam Schwarz, M.K. Tikku
Activism in Asia. (Japanese Foreign Minister Michio Watanabe analyzes his country's regional role)Business, internationalCharles Smith, Robert Delfs
A fight on all fronts. (fight against AIDS) (AIDS in Asia, part 1)Business, internationalAndrew Waller
After Mexico and Canada, who? (world trade expansion) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalFranklin L. Lavin
After the flood: Indonesia criticised by bankers for poorly implemented debtstrategy. (Indonesia's debt concerns)Business, internationalJonathan Friedland, Adam Schwarzz
Against the flow. (Three Gorges dam project on China's Yangtze River) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalRichard Louis Edmonds
Aged aspirant. (founder of Hyundai group and South Korean presidential candidate Chung Ju Yung)Business, internationalDonald Kirk
An indecent peace. (UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalTiziano Terzani
A partner and neighbour. (Australia's relations with Asian-Pacific countries) (Focus: Australia 1992)Business, internationalMichael Malik
A passion for imports. (rising demand for foreign goods in India)Business, internationalJug Suraiya
Art for god's sake. (the creation of a Thai contemporary cultural identity separate from the traditional Buddhist-inspired art) (Arts & Society: Thailand)Business, internationalAlbert Paravi Wongchirachai
Asia's richest, but also dirtiest. (Taiwan) (Focus: Environment)Business, internationalGeorge Wehrfritz
A slice for everyone: crime and politics mix for profit in Bihar. (India)Business, internationalPamela Yatsko
At China's crossroads: neglected Wuhan city enters the spotlight. (industrial development)Business, internationalPaul Mooney
Battle by statute. (US trade policies against Japanese 'keiretsu' system)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Sachiko Sakamaki
Benefits and beggars. (utilization of the generalized system of preference by developing countries) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalDick Wilson
Between two giants. (effects of trade dispute between US and China on Hong Kong)Business, internationalKam S. Wong, Kam C. Wong
Bloody catalyst. (Thailand's May 18 1992 military bloodshed) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalSutichai Yoon
Bumpy road ahead; Japan's car makers hit by slumping demand. (domestic sales crisis)Business, internationalLouise do Rosario
Business smiles on sun and sand. (the Philippine tourism industry)Business, internationalRaleigh Jaleco
Cambodian assault: loggers are quick to exploit the peace. (includes related article) (Environment)Business, internationalMurray Hiebert, John Liden
Cash and Carrian. (Carrian Investments Ltd.) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalMatt Miller
Cash call no. 9. (Semi-Tech Global Ltd.'s takeover of Sansui Electric Company Ltd.)Business, internationalRalph Balfour
Catching the wind. (Thailand's foreign policy) (Column)Business, internationalSarasin Viraphol
Checks and balances. (China's parliamentary reforms; The Fifth Column) (Column)Business, internationalDavid Shambaugh
China's generation gap. (energy shortage in China) (Cover Story)Business, internationalGoldstein Carl
China's strategy. (China's foreign policy)Business, internationalB.A. Hamzah
Chinese writers in exile; free at last, they face alienation and economic worries. (United States)Business, internationalFan Yuan
Clinging to the wreckage. (involvement of banks in the securities scam in India) (Focus: Banking in Asia)Business, internationalSucheta Dalai
Cold war against Islam. (West's negative attitude toward Islamic fundamentalism) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalMushahid Hussain
Dangers of drift. (Bangladesh's economy)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin
Development comes first. (South Korea's environmental laws) (Focus: Environment)Business, internationalYuchol Nam
Dial-a-counsellor: volunteers talk to troubled women about sex and marriage. (China)Business, internationalA.E. Thompson
Draining the swamp. (disarming of rival Cambodian armies)(includes related article)Business, internationalMurray Hiebert, Komphong Thom
Faith and favourites. (non-Catholic candidates in the 1992 Philippine elections)Business, internationalFrank Jiang
Faith in the forest. (Roman Catholic priests in the movement to save Philippine forests)Business, internationalMarites Vitug
Flaming truth. (Singapore publishing company Flame of Forest)Business, internationalSimon Elegant
Forked tongues. (continuous rift between French and English speaking communities in Vanuatu)Business, internationalMary-Louise O'Callaghan
Formosa fin-de-siecle. (writer Zhu Tian-wen)Business, internationalAndrew Leonard
Freedom of the air: Vietnam irked by Moscow-based broadcasts. (Radio Irina)Business, internationalJeff Lilley
Fundamentalist fallacy. (Algeria and Islamic fundamentalism)Business, internationalChandra Muzaffar
Generous to a fault: Manila launches probe into Marcos-era loans. (Business)Business, internationalRogoberto Tiglao
Goh's political test. (Singaporean Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalBilveer Singh
Going nowhere: some Khmer refugees refuse to go home. (repatriation to Cambodia)Business, internationalJay Solomon
Handle with care. (Thailand's struggle for democracy) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalSuchit Bunbongkarn
Images of Asia: films reflect ambivalence felt by many. (Australian art and film)Business, internationalTina Faulk
Immigrant viruses: AIDS moves freely over the Thai-Burma border. (Arts & Society: AIDS in Asia)Business, internationalBertil Lintner, Hseng Noung Lintner
Inscrutable winner: Ramos denies he will be just another Cory. (Philippine presidential candidate Fidel Ramos) (Interview)Business, internationalRoberto Tiglao
Insular possessions. (China's and Japan's claims on the Senkaku Islands) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalMark J. Valencia
Investment agenda. (US economic policy towards Asia) (The 5th Column)Business, internationalEdward Graham, Stephen Guisinger
Irrational rationing. (China's stock markets)Business, internationalPaul Mooney
Italy in Asia. (Italian business in Asia) (Advertisement Supplement)Business, internationalKevin Sinclair
Italy joins the Asian trade scramble. (includes related article) (Italy in Asia)Business, internationalKevin Sinclair
Japan can say 'yes.' (liberalization of Japan's rice market) (Invisible Hand) (Column)Business, internationalLouis do Rosario
Japan Inc. faces reality. (Japanese economic policy and business practices) (The 5th Column)Business, internationalArthur Alexander
Joint beneficiaries. (Li Peng's visit to India) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalSumit Ganguly
Knowledge is power. (public access to official information in Hong Kong) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalJohn Walden
Kuriles stumbling block. (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalAlexei Zagorsky
Laying down the law. (Constitutional Court of Korea) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalJames West
Learning to live together. (relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalIkrar Nusa Bhakti
Legacy of Lenin's empire. (Russia's policy on Islam) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalMikhail Konarovski
Letter from Mauritius. (World Chinese Conference in Mauritius)Business, internationalLynn Pan
Living dangerously. (radiation-contaminated buildings in Taiwan)Business, internationalGeorge Wehrfritz
Long out of print. (Cambodia's printing industry)Business, internationalMargaret Scott
Lure of the Gulf. (influx of migrant labor in the Persian Gulf) (Migrant Labour) (Cover Story)Business, internationalS. Kamaluddin, Hamish McDonald, Salamat Ali
Maddening silence. (European Community's response to Indonesia's human rights policy in East Timor)Business, internationalAdam Schwarz, Peter Wise
Marching to a crossroads. (the Indonesian military's role in society)Business, internationalMargot Cohen
Marriage of convenience. (Indian-US relations)Business, internationalDilip Mukerjee
Mixed attractions. (Australian property market) (Focus: Australia 1992) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalFlorence Chong
Monarchs and men. (Thai and Burmese politics compared)Business, internationalDavid Steinberg
Money matters; state premier's fall deals new blow to ruling party. (South Australia Labor Party premier John Bannon)Business, internationalJacqui Rees
Moons vs lonely planets. (Moon and Lonely Planet travel books) (Books Special)Business, internationalSteven Knipp
More of the same: no fast cure for New Zealand's budget deficit.Business, internationalJames Colin
Nippon runs aground. (Nippon Challenge, Japanese sailing boat in the 28th America's Cup)Business, internationalPatrick Smith
One more push. (Sri Lankan stock exchange market up for more reforms)Business, internationalRichard Samuelson, Michael McLindon
On fertile ground. (contraceptive research in India)Business, internationalRadhakrishna Rao
Out of order: Suharto says no to military voting. (Indonesia)Business, internationalSuhani Aznam
Out with the old. (economic predictions for 1992 that did not come true)Business, internationalShroff
Passionate for paan. (Indian chewing concoction)Business, internationalPamela Yatsko
Paul primes the pump. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating's economic reforms) (Focus: Australia 1992)Business, internationalMichael Malik
Peaks and valleys: Papua New Guinea's mines face diverse fortunes. (Porgera becomes one of the world's prime producers of gold while Mt. Kare begins 1992 by closing its mines)Business, internationalMary-Louise O'Callaghan
People vs forests. (Philippines)Business, internationalMarites Danguilan-Vitug
Pirates no more: China, Taiwan, Korea now big rights buyers. (international copyrights)Business, internationalSally Taylor
Place in the sun. (continuity of Moscow's policy towards Asia) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalEduard Grebenshchikov
Playing the bandh game: government uses strikes as political weapon. (West Bengal, India)Business, internationalJayanta Sarkar
Policy dynamics. (sale of F16 aircraft by US to Taiwan)Business, internationalFrancois Godement
Policy reform when it suits. (China's environmental protection policy) (Focus: Environment)Business, internationalSandy Hendry
Politics in command. (future of the Association of South East Asian Nations) (Column)Business, internationalTan Sri Ghazali Shafie
Price of peace. (South Korean foreign policy)Business, internationalKim Jae Youl
Pushed aside. (Cambodian elections scheduled for 1993 may be postponed)Business, internationalTed Morello
Putting bonds up for auction. (Taiwan) (Focus: Capital Markets 1992)Business, internationalJuliam Baum
Radical chic. (literary activism in Thailand)Business, internationalMartin Clutterback
Reason and rhetoric. (NAM summit Jakarta, September 1992)Business, internationalCharles Smith, Suhaini Aznam
Recruit scandals. (increasing number of illegal recruiting agencies in Asia) (Migrant Labour) (Cover Story)Business, internationalSuhaini Aznam, Frank Jiang
Relic of the Cold War. (US trade embargo on North Korea)Business, internationalGary Sullivan
Remote and forlorn. (Siberian region of Tuva)Business, internationalMergen Mongush
Reviving the dinosaur? (the relevance of the Non-Aligned Movement) (The 5th Column)Business, internationalMichael Leifer
Riding Malaysia's growth. (investment in condominium units in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Business, internationalJohn Worth
Right and wrong. (Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan proposes changes in the US foreign policy) (Column)Business, internationalRichard Fisher
Rocks and roles. (Russia-Japan relations and the Northern Territories)Business, internationalTsuyoshi Hasegawa
Room at the inn. (the construction of hotels in the Philippines)Business, internationalRaleigh Jaleco
Rule 1: prepare for the worst. (traffic rules to prevent sea accidents; Freight & Transportation)Business, internationalKevin Chinnery
Rules for rupees. (India's economic reforms)Business, internationalKedar Man Singh
Russian handicap: Moscow looks east but the picture is bleak. (Russia's relations with Asia)Business, internationalJeff Lilley
Sounding the retreat. (the end of the Cold War signals defense budget cuts in the US) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalDoug Bandow
Stick to knitting: venerable Hongkong trading house relists. (Li and Fung Ltd.)Business, internationalFrederick Balfour
Struggle for power. (Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd. and China Light and Power Company Ltd.'s monopoly of Hong Kong's electric supply) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalLam Pun Lee
Sword of justice. (conflict in the former Yugoslavian republics) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalGary Klintworth
Taiwan's bad boy. (Lin Chiang)Business, internationalBruce Einhorn
Taxation without representation. (proposed tax on foreign-owned firms in US; The 5th Column)Business, internationalMark C. Michelson, Richard L. Weisman
The Han hordes. (attitudes toward Han Chinese in Inner Mongolia)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Christopher Atwood
The intelligence test. (Japanese failure to develop fifth-generation computers) (Research & Innovation)Business, internationalMichael Cross
The jury is out: non-traditional candidates lead in early polls. (1992 Philippine presidential elections)Business, internationalJonathan Karp, Rodney Tasker, Bobi Tiglao
The lama's legacy: Peking copes with a reborn Buddhist divine. (Chinese-Tibetan relations)Business, internationalNancy Nash
The new Asian onslaught. (Australia's tourist industry)(includes related article on South Korean tourists) (Focus: Australia 1992) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalRon Knowles
The Pol Pot trail; UN efforts to end Khmer Rouge trade likely to fail. (Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer, Ted Morello
The Pyongyang myth. (politics in North Korea) (Column)Business, internationalAdrian Buzo
The sky's the limit. (India to offer services in the satellite-data market) (Research & Innovation)Business, internationalMichael Westlake, Radhakrishna Rao
The soul of Singapore. (Art)Business, internationalMary Lee
Tide of democracy. (Column)Business, internationalMartin Lee
Tokyo's last frontier. (Japan's emergence in the field of astronautical research) (Focus: Aviation and Aerospace)Business, internationalBrian Jeffries
To Mecca with love. (debate over interfaith marriages in Indonesia)Business, internationalMargot Cohen
Traveller's tales. (drinking customs in Asia)Business, internationalJerry Hopkins
Traveller's tales. (Indonesia's Kalimantan forests) (Column)Business, internationalAdam Schwarz
Traveller's tales. (Malaysian theater) (Column)Business, internationalK. Das
Traveller's tales. (opening of border with Kazakhstan triggers intense market activity in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region) (Column)Business, internationalKarin Malmstrom
Traveller's tales. (remembering Nanjing, East China) (Column)Business, internationalTina Faulk
Traveller's tales. (rule of Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei)Business, internationalSteve Vines
Traveller's tales. (Stung Treng, Cambodia)Business, internationalJames Pringle
Traveller's tales. (withdrawal of American Marines from Philippines)Business, internationalWilliam McGurn
Tug on the reins. (Indonesia curbs runaway economic expansion) (Economic Monitor: Indonesia)Business, internationalAdam Schwartz
Two-edged sword. (libel law in China)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, A. Koan
Unleashing the lion's pen: wind of liberalisation spawns literary upsurge in the republic. (Singapore's literary growth)Business, internationalSimon Elegant
Upswing points the way ahead. (Philippine stockmarket forecasts)Business, internationalHippolito Gagni
US and Japan as partners. (US-Japan security relationship) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalShigeki Nishimura
War and memory: Cambodians confront the legacy of the Khmer Rouge.Business, internationalMargaret Scott
Where Japan can help. (Japan's contribution to United Nations' policy-making) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalMotoo Shiina
Who's smarter? (North and South India)Business, internationalJug Suraiya
Withdrawal trauma. (Subic Bay area's commercial prospects after withdrawal of American naval presence)Business, internationalDonald Goertzen
Yeltsin's China mission. (improvement of Sino-Russian ties) (Column)Business, internationalBanning Garrett, Bonnie Glaser
Yen for an anchor. (yen bloc envisioned for Asian countries)Business, internationalC.H. Kwan
Zone of dreams. (North Korea plans economic zone)Business, internationalKazuhiko Shimizu
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