Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Nayan Chanda - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Nayan Chanda
Atomic ambivalence. (implications of North Korea's nuclear research on its dimplomatic relations)(includes related article)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Blood brothers. (anti-Vietnamese campaigns in Cambodia)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Dark days at Kok Kandal. (Khmer Rouge attack Vietnamese fishing village)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Distant thunder. (US president-elect Bill Clinton's policies towards Asia) (Cover Story)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Easy scapegoat: people blame the UN for all their woes. (United Nations Transtional Authority in Cambodia)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Ghost at the feast: Khmer Rouge decries UN aid, blocks peace process. (Cambodia)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
'Isolate Khmer Rouge': Sihanouk chides Untac for feeble response. (Prince Norodom Sihanouk; United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) (Cover Story)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Land erosion. (Cambodian border question)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Nyet, tovarisch. (renewed Russian naval presence in Vietnam)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Opening moves. (steps towards normalization of ties between China and South Korea)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Sides of a triangle. (Cambodian PM Hun Sen, Thai Foreign Minister Prasong Soonsiri, UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Cambodia Yasushi Akashi; includes related article) (Interview)Business, internationalRodney Tasker, Nayan Chanda
Strained ties: poor UN relations with Bangkok mar peace process. (UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia claims that Thai activities are stallingCambodian elections)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Theatre of cruelty: UN tries to protect human rights as abuses grow. (Cambodia)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
The fire next time. (interview with the vice chief of US naval opertaions) (Interview)Business, internationalMichael Vatikiotis, Nayan Chanda, Tai Ming Cheung
The gem stampede: round-the-clock mining by Thai companies. (exploitation of natural resources in Cambodia) (Cover Story)Business, internationalRodney Tasker, Nayan Chanda
Treacherous shoals. (China's policy in the disputed South China Sea)Business, internationalRigoberto Tiglao, Lincoln Kaye, Murray Hiebert, Michael Vatikiotis, Carl Goldstein, Suhaini Aznam, Nayan Chanda
UN divisions: signs of growing Franco-Australian rivalry within peacekeeping force. (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia)(includes related article)Business, internationalMichael Vatikiotis, Nayan Chanda
Why they worry. (Japan's neighbors fear military revival) (Regional)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
Wounds of history: surging resentment of Vietnamese could spark new pogroms. (peace process in Cambodia threatened) (Cover Story)Business, internationalNayan Chanda
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