Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Nate Thayer - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Nate Thayer
Biding their time: Khmer Rouge aims for power in 5-10 years. (Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Cambodia takes a bath. (Cambodia's troubled economy)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Nate Thayer
Farewell to arms. (Montagnard revolt for autonomy in Central Highlands of Vietnam)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Fighting words. (Cambodia's Khmer Rouge)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Hidden agenda. (Khmer Rouge and Cambodian peace accord)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Men of war: demobilised soldiers pose threat to peace. (includes related article) (Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Moaners beware: harassed UN reacts to negative press assessments. (press coverage of the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Murderous instincts. (Cambodian peace process threatened by Tea Bun Long's assassination)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Not so secret agenda. (Cambodia) (Khmer Rouge and UN negotiations)Business, internationalNate Thayer
The forgotten army. (Montagnard guerrillas of Vietnam and Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer
The Pol Pot trail; UN efforts to end Khmer Rouge trade likely to fail. (Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer, Ted Morello
The war party: Khmer Rouge intransigence threatens peace. (Regional)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Things fall apart; crisis looms as Khmer Rouge seeks to wreck peace.Business, internationalNate Thayer
Trail of tears. (Montagnard guerrillas of Vietnam and Cambodia, includes two sidebars)Business, internationalNate Thayer
Unsettled land: UN's delayed arrival starts to undermine peace settlement. (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia)(includes related article on financing the peace) (Cambodia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Nate Thayer
Woes of a liberal. (Prime Minister Hun Sen blames other factions for political assassinations) (Cambodia)Business, internationalNate Thayer
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