Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Jonathan karp - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Jonathan karp
Back on the road. (China's automobile industry joint ventures report increased profits)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Battle of Trafalgar. (Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd. acquire Trafalgar House PLC shares)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Classic toys. (good prospects for Hong Kong toy companies)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Family at war: Cebu's Osmena clan wracked by political infighting. (Philippine politics) (Cover Story)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Fellow travellers: Hongkong flotation for freight monopoly. (Business)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Greens for the reds. (golf courses in China)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Leveraged exchange. (Hong Kong currency warrants) (Where to Put Your Money)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Look back in anger. (rewriting Taiwan's history)(includes related article) (Taiwan)Business, internationalJonathan Karp, Julian Baum
Nabobs of negativism. (US public relations firms in Philippine elections)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
New capitals of art. (Hongkong and Taiwan)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Passing the muck. (Christopher Patten confronts Hong Kong's sewage problem) (Focus: Environment)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Political jitters. (Hongkong stock exchange) (Column)Business, internationalHenny Sender, Jonathan Karp
River runs dry. (deal to buy Hongkong's World Trade Centre Group, WTCG, building fails)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Shikotan pipedream. (Carlson and Kaplan Ltd.'s lease contract to develop Shikotan Island, a Russian-occupied islet claimed by Japan)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Soup for the masses. (Campbell's Inc.'s soup advertising in China's Guangdong province)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
The jury is out: non-traditional candidates lead in early polls. (1992 Philippine presidential elections)Business, internationalJonathan Karp, Rodney Tasker, Bobi Tiglao
The uncertain victor: despite spotlight, Ramos remains an enigma. (Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos) (Cover Story)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
Traveller's tales. (Qizhong village in China)Business, internationalJonathan Karp
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