Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Frank Ching - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Frank Ching
A different style. (Hong Kong governor Christopher Patten; interview) (Cover Story)Business, internationalL. Gordon Crovitz, Frank Ching
Boxed in a corner. (Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten's political reforms proposal rejected by China) (Cover Story)Business, internationalFrank Ching
Cleared for action. (Hong Kong governor Christopher Patten's policy proposals) (Cover Story)Business, internationalFrank Ching
Past imperfect. (past actions constrain Chirstopher Patten's present ones) (The 5th Column) (Column)Business, internationalFrank Ching
Shaken and stirred. (Hong Kong governor Christopher Patten proposes new agenda)Business, internationalStacy Mosher, Frank Ching
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