Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Ed Paisley - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Ed Paisley
An industry in suspension. (South Korea's automobile industry)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Baptism of fire. (South Korea's Pohang Iron and Steel Company Limited faces challenges) (Company Profile)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Bold as brass. (South Korea's real estate scandal and the spate of corporate acquisitions in Indonesia) (SHROFF) (Column)Business, internationalAdam Schwarz, Ed Paisley
Born again and again. (Sammi Steel Company Ltd. bailed out by South Korean government)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Buying on command. (South Korea's stock market)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Captain of industry: departure of Posco chief leaves a void. (South Korean Pohang Iron and Steel Company Limited's chairman Park Tae Joon)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Carrot for Korea. (US-South Korea trade relations)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Election boomerang: crackdown on Hyundai may have backfired. (South Korean government's raids on Hyundai business group befor presidential election)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon, Ed Paisley
Election impact. (Economic Monitor: South Korea; presidential elections, Dec 1992)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Family fiasco. (defection from South Korea's ruling Democratic Liberal Party)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Feeling the heat: Asian steel firms fear US anti-dumping blitz.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Ed Paisley
Keys to reform: South Korean bureaucrats are slowly opening up the money markets. (includes related article)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Marked by the market. (South Korea's stock market) (SHROFF) (Column)Business, internationalEd Paisley
One more summit. (US and South Korean trade relations)(includes related article)Business, internationalEd Paisley, Melana Zyla
On the rebound. (proposed merger of Daewoo Motor, South Korea, with Honda Motor, Japan)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Over a pork barrel: presidential aspirant sways Seoul government. (Kim YoungSam; Seoul, Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Pocketbook poll: economic woes dominate voters' choice. (South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Politics of planning. (infrastructure schemes in South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Power Surge. (Korea Electric Power Corp opens stock to foreigners; Shroff)Business, internationalEd Paisley
President's hot line. (ties between business and politics in South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Price cutting is no bargain. (South Korea's textile industry)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Reforming with caution. (South Korea) (Focus: Capital Markets 1992)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Risks and rewards. (normalization of ties between China and South Korea)Business, internationalJulian Baum, Lincoln Kaye, Ed Paisley
Russian roulette. (South Korean loans to Russia)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Samsung's challenge: South Korean auto makers fear new rival.Business, internationalEd Paisley
Saving the bear. (debt relief for the former Soviet Union)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Seoul as suitor. (South Korea's plans to increase trade ties with North Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
The harvest to come. (bilateral trade between China and South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Tiddlers fight back: South Korean small businesses fend off big firms.Business, internationalEd Paisley
Time for a new start. (South Korea's economy)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Trade and trade-off. (Russian Pres Boris Yeltsin's visit to South Korea)Business, internationalShim Jae Hoon, Ed Paisley
Traffic jams unstuck. (railroads in South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Traveller's tales. (Unification Church mass wedding)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Tycoon's promise. (Hyundai founder and 1993 South Korean presidential candidate Chung Ju Yung)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Votes and cheap money. (South Korea's interest rates )Business, internationalEd Paisley
Wages of sin. (pay increases in South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Wanted: a new clean image. (foreign investments in South Korea)Business, internationalEd Paisley
War of convenience: South Korea's stodgy retailers face shake-up. (Industry Overview)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Watching their back doors. (effects of competition in South Korea's banking industry) (Focus: Banking in Asia) (Industry Overview)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Won wildcard. (Economic Monitor: Korea) (Column)Business, internationalEd Paisley
Yen on top: dollar and Deutschemark retreat from Japan. (amidst turmoil in European Exchange Rate Mechanism in Sep 1992) (Cover Story)Business, internationalJonathan Friedland, Ed Paisley
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