Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Ahmed Rashid - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Ahmed Rashid
Behind the veil, again: Kabul's women don chadors and wonder about Islamic rule. (Art and Society: Afghanistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Caught in a cleft: economic, religious pressures threaten Uzbekistan. (Islamic fundamentalism by Wahabbis)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Dominion of dominoes: Tajikistan hovers on brink of chaos. (forced resignation of President Rakhman Nabiyev and ethnic wars)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Forced to flee. (civil war and religious persecution causes mass migration from Tajikistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Hardship posting. (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Heroes old and new; Pantheon now includes Tamerlane, Babur and communist leaders. (Central Asia)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
In Pashtun country. (mujahideen activity in Afghanistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Peace with pitfalls: shaky mujaheddin coalition set to take over government. (includes related article)Business, internationalSalamat Ali, Ahmed Rashid
Pulls and pressures: president's peace offer marred by ethnic violence. (President Najibullah) (Afghanistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Revival of Sufism; mystical trend of Islam thriving again with demise of communism. (Central Asia)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Separate ways: guerilla groups seek backing for breakaway states. (clamor for partitioning of Afghanistan by ethnic groups)Business, internationalSalamat Ali, Ahmed Rashid
Stoking the furnace: battle lines drawn as Tajikistan spirals into civil war.Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
The Tajik time bomb. (strife in Tajikistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Toil and trouble. (land distribution in Central Asia)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
Warriors of the north. (Afghan ethnic minorities hold military advantage)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
With God on their side: militant Wahabbi Muslims display their strength. (spread of religious militancy in Uzbekistan)Business, internationalAhmed Rashid
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