Electrical World 1999 - Abstracts

Electrical World 1999
Dielectric degradation in the environment.(environmentally-friendly dielectric coolants with fine-resistant properties)Electronics and electrical industriesPatricia Irwin
Does block scheduling waste money?(electric power transmission and distribution technique)Electronics and electrical industriesEric Hirst, Brendan Kirby
Failure-mechanism savvy results in better arrester.Electronics and electrical industriesSteve Boggs
Free-market incentives to expand transmission capacity need complex regulations.Electronics and electrical industriesAlan Madian
How 60 Hz became the standard ac power frequency.(Engineer's Notebook)(Column)Electronics and electrical industriesPaul Mixon
How to choose a wireless network.(Operations)(field communication equipment for electric utilities)Electronics and electrical industriesVeronica Williams
Inches from danger: helicopter safety.(Special Section)Electronics and electrical industriesBob Culver, Bob Feerst
Line capacitors push voltage reduction to new levels.(Georgia Power Co.'s 'Distribution Efficiency Program')Electronics and electrical industriesVance Mullis, Batool Nekooie, Jim Bright
Making downsizing work.(includes related article)Electronics and electrical industriesStephen Doerflein, James Atsaides
New York State acts to relieve growing network congestion.(New York Power Authority uses innovative static compensators)(Cover Story)Electronics and electrical industriesJohn Reason
Paint towers properly.(includes related article)Electronics and electrical industriesTony Vivona
Partial discharge testing eliminates cable replacement.(Special Section: Cutting Edge T&D Projects)Electronics and electrical industriesEdward A. Jr. Horgan
Providers of last resort: will they destroy the grid?Electronics and electrical industriesCharlotte LeGates
Restructuring drives meter advances.(Distribution)(automated meter-reading solutions)Electronics and electrical industriesL. Dennis Smith
Selecting energy efficient substation transformers.(includes related articles)(Cover Story)Electronics and electrical industriesBarry W. Kennedy
Stop corona at the source.Electronics and electrical industriesMark Lautenschlager
Submarine cable manholes: opened after five years.(inspection of the submarine cable manholes of Southern MaryLand Electric Cooperative Inc)Electronics and electrical industriesRick Hendershot, John Rector
Substation automation: a real-world trial.(Special Section: Cutting Edge T&D Projects)Electronics and electrical industriesLew Rubin, Brian Pace
Successful mobile computing: select the right hardware.Electronics and electrical industriesDale Szymborski
The growing importance of live-line work.(Special Section)(helicopter-supported electric utility maintenance)Electronics and electrical industriesDarryl Ed
Utility cuts costs by sharing new radio system.(American Electric Power Co.)Electronics and electrical industriesSarah Schmitt
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