Developmental Biology 2006 - Abstracts

Developmental Biology 2006
A beta1,4-galactosyltransferase is required for convergent extension movements in zebrafish.Biological sciencesBarry D. Shur, Andreas Fritz, Quentin J. Machingo
Abnormalities in neural crest cell migration in laminin ?5 mutant mice.Biological sciencesMarianne Bronner-Fraser, Jeffrey H. Miner, Edward G. Coles, Laura S. Gammill
Absence of Nodal signaling promotes precocious neural differentiation in the mouse embryo.Biological sciencesAnne Camus, Aitana Perea-Gomez, Anne Moreau, Jerome Collignon
A clock and wavefront mechanism for somite formation.Biological sciencesR.E. Baker, S. Schnell, P.K. Maini
A conserved transcriptional enhancer that specifies Tyrp1 expression to melanocytes.Biological sciencesFabien Murisier, Sabrina Guichard, Friedrich Beermann
Acrosome reaction is subfamily specific in sea star fertilization.Biological sciencesMia Nakachi, Hideaki Moriyama, Motonori Hoshi, Midori Matsumoto
Actin filament organization regulates the induction of lens cell differentiation and survival.Biological sciencesGregory F. Weber, A. Sue Menko
Activin A is an endogenous inhibitor of ureteric bud outgrowth from the Wolffian duct.Biological sciencesSanjay K. Nigam, Akito Maeshima, Duke A. Vaughn, Yohan Choi
A database of mRNA expression patterns for the sea urchin embryo.Biological sciencesZheng Wei, Robert C. Angerer, Lynne M. Angerer
A developmental transition in growth control during zebrafish caudal fin development.Biological sciencesStephen L. Johnson, Matthew I. Goldsmith, M. Kathryn Iovine, Thomas O'Reilly-Pol
ADMP2 is essential for primitive blood and heart development in Xenopus.(anti-dorsalizing morphogenetic proteins)Biological sciencesWilliam C. Smith, Gaku Kumano, Carin Ezala
A functional genomic and proteomic perspective of sea urchin calcium signaling and egg activation.Biological sciencesCynthia Bradham, Michelle M. Roux, Ian K. Townley, Michael Raisch, Anna Reade, Glen Humphreys, Herath Jayantha Gunaratne, Christopher E. Killian, Gary Moy, Yi-Hsien Su
A Gbx homeobox gene in amphioxus: insights into ancestry of the ANTP class and evolution of the midbrain/hindbrain boundary.(antennapedia homeotic)Biological sciencesPeter W.H. Holland, Nicholas D. Holland, L. Filipe C. Castro, Stacy L.K. Rasmussen, Linda Z. Holland
A genetic screen identifies genes essential for development of myelinated axons in zebrafish.Biological sciencesHans-Martin Pogoda, Nitzan Sternheim, David A. Lyons, Brianne Diamond, Thomas A. Hawkins, Ian G. Woods, Dimple H. Bhatt, Clara Franzini-Armstrong, Claudia Dominguez, Naomi Arana
A genome-wide survey of the evolutionarily conserved Wnt pathways in the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.Biological sciencesAthula H. Wikramanayake, David R. McClay, Jenifer C. Croce, Shu-Yu Wu, Christine Byrum, Ronghui Xu, Louise Duloquin, Christian Gache
A genomic view of the sea urchin nervous system.Biological sciencesR.D. Burke, L.M. Angerer, M.R. Elphick, G.W. Humphrey, S. Yaguchi, T. Kiyama, S. Liang, X. Mu, C. Agca
A germline GFP transgenic axolotl and its use to track cell fate: dual origin of the fin mesenchyme during development and the fate of blood cells during regeneration.Biological sciencesLidia Sobkow, Hans-Henning Epperlein, Stephan Herklotz, Werner L. Straube, Elly M. Tanaka
A group 13 homeodomain is neither necessary nor sufficient for posterior prevalence in the mouse limb.Biological sciencesMelissa E. Williams, Jessica A. Lehoczky, Jeffrey W. Innis
Alphabet, a Ser/Thr phosphatase of the protein phosphatase 2C family, negatively regulates RAS/MAPK signaling in Drosophila.Biological sciencesMarc Therrien, Caroline Baril
Alterations in ribosome biogenesis cause specific defects in C. elegans hermaphrodite gonadogenesis.Biological sciencesE. Jane Albert Hubbard, Roumen Voutev, Darrell J. Killian, James Hyungsoo Ahn
AMPK regulation of mouse oocyte meiotic resumption in vitro.(5-prime-amp-activated protein kinase)Biological sciencesStephen M. Downs, Jing Chen, Emma Hudson, Maggie M. Chi, Aimee S. Chang, Kelle H. Moley, D. Graham Hardie
Analysis of cytoskeletal and motility proteins in the sea urchin genome assembly.Biological sciencesR.L. Morris, M.P. Hoffman, R.A. Obar, S.S. McCafferty, I.R. Gibbons, A.D. Leone, J. Cool, E.L. Allgood, A.M. Musante, K.M. Judkins
Analysis of Pax6 expression using a BAC transgene reveals the presence of a paired-less isoform of Pax6 in the eye and olfactory bulb.(bacterial artificial chromosomes, paired box gene)Biological sciencesJiha Kim, D. Lauderdale
Analysis of polysomal mRNA populations of mouse oocytes and zygotes: dynamic changes in maternal mRNA utilization and function.(messenger ribonucleic acid)Biological sciencesSanthi Potireddy, Rita Vassena, Bela G. Patel, Keith E. Latham
An endothelial-mesenchymal relay pathway regulates early phases of pancreas development.Biological sciencesYasushige Kashima, Kenneth S. Zaret, Patrick Jacquemin, Guy G. Rousseau, Frederic P. Lemaigre, Hideyuki Yoshitomi
An evolutionary conserved role of Wnt signaling in stem cell fate decision.Biological sciencesGunter Plickert, Uri Frank, Werner A. Muller, Regina Teo, Frank Mohrlen
A new Drosophila gene wh (wuho) with WD40 repeats is essential for spermatogenesis and has maximal expression in hub cells.Biological sciencesJianhong Wu, Joshua H. Hou, Tao-shih Hsieh
Animal pole determinants define oral-aboral axis polarity and endodermal cell-fate in hydrozoan jellyfish Podocoryne carnea.Biological sciencesVolker Schmid, Tsuyoshi Momose
A novel Cripto-related protein reveals an essential role for EGF-CFCs in nodal signalling in Xenopus embryos.Biological sciencesCaroline S. Hill, Karel Dorey1
A novel mode of tangential migration of cortical projection neurons.Biological sciencesPeter Gruss, Kevin Jones, Olga Britanova, Pavlos Alifragis, Stephan Junek, Victor Tarabykin
A novel noncanonical Wnt pathway is involved in the regulation of the asymmetric B cell division in C. elegans.(Report)Biological sciencesMichael A. Herman, Mingfu Wu
Apelin, the ligand for the endothelial G-protein-coupled receptor, APJ, is a potent angiogenic factor required for normal vascular development of the frog embryo.Biological sciencesPaul A. Krieg, Christopher M. Cox, Susan L. D'Agostino, Melanie K. Miller, Ronald L. Heimark
A reporter-assisted mutagenesis screen using alpha1-tubulin-GFP transgenic zebrafish uncovers missteps during neuronal development and axonogenesis.(green fluorescent protein reporter)Biological sciencesAbhilasha Gulati-Leekha, Daniel Goldman
A requirement for NF-protocadherin and TAF1/Set in cell adhesion and neural tube formation.Biological sciencesRoger Bradley, Dana Rashid, Katie Newell, Leah Shama
A retinoic acid-Hox hierarchy controls both anterior/posterior patterning and neuronal specification in the developing central nervous system of the cephalochordate amphioxus.Biological sciencesVincent Laudet, Michael Schubert, Nicholas D. Holland, Linda Z. Holland
ARI-1, an RBR family ubiquitin-ligase, functions with UBC-18 to regulate pharyngeal development in C. elegans.(ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme)(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesXiaohui Qiu, David S. Fay
A robust system for RNA interference in the chicken using a modified microRNA operon.(ribonucleic acid)Biological sciencesMichael J. McGrew, Fiona K. Bangs, Raman M. Das, Nick J. Van Hateren, Gareth R. Howell, Elizabeth R. Farrell, Victoria C. Porteous, Elizabeth M. Manning, Kyoji Ohyama, Melanie A. Sacco
A role for the L-selectin adhesion system in mediating cytotrophoblast emigration from the placenta.Biological sciencesSusan J. Fisher, Akraporn Prakobphol, Olga Genbacev, Matthew Gormley, Mirhan Kapidzic
A screen for mutations in zebrafish that affect myelin gene expression in Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes.Biological sciencesWilliam D. Richardson, Natalia Kazakova, Huiliang Li, Ana Mora, Kristjan R. Jessen, Rhona Mirsky, Hazel K. Smith
A secondary disruption of the dmpA gene encoding a large membrane protein allows aggregation defective Dictyostelium rasC? cells to form multicellular structures.Biological sciencesMeenal Khosla, George B. Spiegelman, Gerald Weeks, Carole A. Parent, Paul Kriebel
Assembly of spermatid acrosome depends on microtubule organization during mammalian spermiogenesis.Biological sciencesGerald Schatten, Ricardo D. Moreno, Jaime Palomino
AST-1, a novel ETS-box transcription factor, controls axon guidance and pharynx development in C. elegans.Biological sciencesHarald Hutter, Christina Schmid, Valentin Schwarz
A study on the death of cell of sea urchins examines the proteins found in its genome.Biological sciencesB.T. Livingston, C.E. Killian, F. Wilt, A. Cameron, M.J. Landrum, O. Ermolaeva, V. Sapojnikov, D.R. Maglott, A.M. Buchanan, C.A. Ettensohn
A subpial, transitory germinal zone forms chains of neuronal precursors in the rabbit cerebellum.Biological sciencesGiovanna Ponti, Paolo Peretto, Luca Bonfanti
A switch from MafB to MafA expression accompanies differentiation to pancreatic ?-cells.Biological sciencesArun Sharma, Susan Bonner-Weir, Wataru Nishimura, Takuma Kondo, Therese Salameh, Ilham El Khattabi, Rikke Dodge
Asymmetric expression of the BMP antagonists chordin and gremlin in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis: implications for the evolution of axial patterning.Biological sciencesThomas W. Holstein, Matthias Hammerschmidt, Ulrich Technau, Roman Anton, Fabian Rentzsch, Michael Saina
Asymmetrization of first cleavage by transient disassembly of one spindle pole aster in the leech Helobdella robusta.Biological sciencesDavid A. Weisblat, Xiaoyun Ren
Atrophin contributes to the negative regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in Drosophila.Biological sciencesBernard Charroux, Matthew Freeman, Stephen Kerridge, Antonio Baonza
A two-promoter system of gene expression in C. elegans.(canenorhabditis elegans in animals)Biological sciencesJaebok Choi, Anna P. Newman
Basis of lethality in C. elegans lacking CUP-5, the Mucolipidosis Type IV orthologue.Biological sciencesLara Schaheen, Hope Dang, Hanna Fares
Beta-catenin activation is necessary and sufficient to specify the dorsal dermal fate in the mouse.Biological sciencesAlexandra L. Joyner, Makoto M. Taketo, Lee Niswander, Radhika Atit, Sema K. Sgaier, Othman A. Mohamed, Daniel Dufort, Ronald A. Conlon
(Beta)-catenin is essential for lamination but not neurogenesis in mouse retinal development.Biological sciencesWilliam H. Klein, Xueyao Fu, Hongxia Sun, Xiuqian Mu
Blimp-1 is an essential component of the genetic program controlling development of the pectoral limb bud.( B-lymphocyte-inducing maturation protein)Biological sciencesSudipto Roy, Ban Chuan Lee
Bmp2 instructs cardiac progenitors to form the heart-valve-inducing field.Biological sciencesClifford J. Tabin, Jose Rivera-Feliciano
BMP and FGF regulate the differentiation of multipotential pericardial mesoderm into the myocardial or epicardial lineage.Biological sciencesJose Maria Perez Pomares, Maurice J.B. van den Hoff, Boudewijn P.T. Kruithof, Antoon F.M. Moorman, Bram van Wijk, Semir Somi, Marianna Kruithof-De Julio, Frank Weesie, Andy Wessels
BMP and FGF regulatory pathways control cell lineage diversification of heart valve precursor cells.(bone morphogenetic protein 2, fibroblast growth factor)Biological sciences Joy Lincoln, Christina M. Alfieri, Katherine E. Yutzey
BMP is an important regulator of proepicardial identity in the chick embryo.Biological sciencesJan Schlueter, Jorg Manner, Thomas Brand
BMP receptor type IA in limb bud mesenchyme regulates distal outgrowth and patterning.(bone morphogenetic protein)Biological sciencesYing Wang, James F. Martin, Yuji Mishina, Richard R. Behringer, Dmitry A. Ovchinnikov, Jennifer Selever, You-Tzung Chen
BMP-signaling regulates the generation of hair-cells.(bone morphogenetic proteins)Biological sciencesCristina Pujades, Andres Kamaid, Berta Alsina, Fernando Giraldez
BMPs restrict the position of premuscle masses in the limb buds by influencing Tcf4 expression.(bone morphogenetic protein, transcription factor 4)Biological sciencesThomas Kohler, Beate Brand-Saberi, Alexander Bonafede, Marc Rodriguez-Niedenfuhr
Bone morphogenetic proteins and noggin: inhibiting and inducing fungiform taste papilla development.Biological sciencesYanqiu Zhou, Hong-Xiang Liu, Charlotte M. Mistretta
Border of Notch activity establishes a boundary between the two dorsal appendage tube cell types.Biological sciencesXiaofeng Zhou, Hannele Ruohola-Baker, Lynn M. Riddiford, Ellen J. Ward, Celeste A. Berg
Both insulin and calcium channel signaling are required for developmental regulation of serotonin synthesis in the chemosensory ADF neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans.Biological sciencesAnnette O. Estevez, Robin H. Cowie, Kathy L. Gardner, Miguel Estevez
Branching morphogenesis of the ureteric epithelium during kidney development is coordinated by the opposing functions of GDNF and Sprouty1.(glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor)Biological sciencesJonathan D. Licht, Patricia D. Wilson, Reena Shakya, M. Albert Basson, Judy Watson-Johnson, Simge Akbulut, Deborah Hyink, Frank D. Costantini, Ivor J. Mason
Brg1 is required for murine neural stem cell maintenance and gliogenesis.Biological sciencesDaniel Metzger, Pierre Chambon, Chris Adams, Larry S. Sherman, Fatima Banine, Mahendra S. Rao, Jaime Struve, Steven Matsumoto, Rubing Xing, Ying Liu
Brn3a and Klf7 cooperate to control TrkA expression in sensory neurons.(Kruppel-like factor 7)Biological sciencesJing Zhou, Lei Lei, Lu Lin, Luis F. Parad
Ca2+ oscillatory pattern in fertilized mouse eggs affects gene expression and development to term.(calcium ion )Biological sciencesRichard M. Schultz, Jean-Pierre Ozil, Bernadette Banrezes, Szabolcs Toth, Hua Pan
Calcineurin function is required for myofilament formation and troponin I isoform transition in Drosophila indirect flight muscle.Biological sciencesRobert A. Schulz, Kathleen M. Gajewski, Jianbo Wang
Calcium ion oscillations stimulate an ATP increase during fertilization of mouse eggs.(adenosine triphosphate)Biological sciencesKaren Campbell, Karl Swann
Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II triggers mouse egg activation and embryo development in the absence of Ca2+ oscillations.Biological sciencesRichard M. Schultz, Carmen J. Williams, Jason G. Knott, Allison J. Gardner, Suzanne Madgwick, Keith T. Jones
Cardiac arterial pole alignment is sensitive to FGF8 signaling in the pharynx.Biological sciencesPing Zhang, Mary R. Hutson, Harriett A. Stadt, Asako K. Sato, Yin-Xiong Li, Jarrett Burch, Tony L. Creazzo, Margaret L. Kirby
Cardiovascular malformations with normal smooth muscle differentiation in neural crest-specific type II TGF [beta] receptor (Tgfbr2) mutant mice.(transforming growth factor)Biological sciencesBibha Choudhary, Yoshihiro Ito, Takako Makita, Tomoyo Sasaki, Yang Chai, Henry M. Sucov
Cbfbeta regulates Runx2 function isoform-dependently in postnatal bone development.Biological sciencesCarolina A. Yoshida, Takashi Fujita, Kei Yamana, Toshihisa Komori, Naoko Kanatani, Ryo Fukuyama, Wenguang Liu, Takeshi Moriishi, Toshihiro Miyazaki, Satoru Toyosawa
Cdx4 is a direct target of the canonical Wnt pathway.Biological sciencesDavid Lohnes, Nicolas Pilon, Karen Oh, Jean-Rene Sylvestre, Nathalie Bouchard, Joanne Savory
C. elegans CPB-3 interacts with DAZ-1 and functions in multiple steps of germline development.Biological sciencesMasayuki Yamamoto, Eri Hasegawa, Takeshi Karashima, Eisuke Sumiyoshi
C. elegans HIM-8 functions outside of meiosis to antagonize EGL-13 Sox protein function.Biological sciencesBrian L. Nelms, Wendy Hanna-Rose
C. elegans Kallmann syndrome protein KAL-1 interacts with syndecan and glypican to regulate neuronal cell migrations.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesHediye Nese Cinar, Andrew D. Chisholm, Martin L. Hudson, Tarja Kinnunen
C. elegans pharyngeal morphogenesis requires both de novo synthesis of pyrimidines and synthesis of heparan sulfate proteoglycans.Biological sciencesHiroshi Kitagawa, Kazuyuki Sugahara, Dawn M. Franks, Tomomi Izumikawa, Peter G. Okkema
Cell autonomous requirement for Tgfbr2 in the disappearance of medial edge epithelium during palatal fusion.Biological sciencesYoshihiro Ito, Xun Xu, Pablo Bringas, Mark M. Urata
Cell elongation is key to in silico replication of in vitro vasculogenesis and subsequent remodeling.Biological sciencesJames A. Glazier, Roeland M.H. Merks, Sergey V. Brodsky, Michael S. Goligorksy, Stuart A. Newman
Cell movement during chick primitive streak formation.Biological sciencesManli Chuai, Wei Zeng, Xuesong Yang, Veronika Boychenko, James A. Glazier, Cornelis J. Weijer
Cell specification and the role of the polar lobe in the gastropod mollusc crepidula fornicata.Biological sciencesMark Q. Martindale, Jonathan Q. Henry, Kimberly J. Perry
Characterization of loss-of-function and gain-of-function Eph receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in C. elegans axon targeting and cell migration.(variable abnormal protein 1 )Biological sciencesAhmed M. Mohamed, Ian D. Chin-Sang
Chondroitin acts in the guidance of gonadal distal tip cells in C. elegans.Biological sciencesKiyoji Nishiwaki, Mitsue Sano, Norio Suzuki, Hidenao Toyoda
Chromatin immunoprecipitation reveals a novel role for the Drosophila SoxNeuro transcription factor in axonal patterning.Biological sciencesFranck Girard, Willy Joly, Jean Savare, Nathalie Bonneaud, Conchita Ferraz, Florence Maschat
Chromatin modifications in the germinal vesicle (GV) of mammalian oocytes.Biological sciencesRabindranath De La Fuente
Chronic cocaine exposure in Drosophila: life, cell death and oogenesis.Biological sciencesStacey Sedore Willard, Cara M. Koss, Claire Cronm
cis-Regulatory control of cyclophilin, a member of the ETS-DRI skeletogenic gene battery in the sea urchin embryo.(Report)Biological sciencesEric H. Davidson, Gabriele Amore
Cis-regulatory processing of Notch signaling input to the sea urchin glial cells missing gene during mesoderm specification.Biological sciencesEric H. Davidson, Andrew Ransick
cis-Requirement for the maintenance of round spermatid-specific transcription.Biological sciencesMark H. Stoler, Kshitish K. Acharya, Chhabi K. Govind, Amy N. Shore, Prabhakara P. Reddi
Clonally cultured differentiated pigment cells can dedifferentiate and generate multipotent progenitors with self-renewing potential.Biological sciencesCarla Real, Corinne Glavieux-Pardanaud, Nicole M. Le Douarina, Elisabeth Dupin
Clonal origin of the mammalian forebrain from widespread oriented mixing of early regionalized neuroepithelium precursors.Biological sciencesLuc Mathis, Jean-Francois Nicolas
Cloned ferrets produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer.Biological sciencesJohn F. Engelhardt, Jean-Paul Renard, Ziyi Li, Xingshen Sun, Juan Chen, Xiaoming Liu, Samantha M. Wisely, Qi Zhou, Gregory H Len
CNBP regulates forebrain formation at organogenesis stage in chick embryos.(cellular nucleic acid binding protein)Biological sciencesWei Chen, Wei Huang, Yoko Abe, Mizuho Nishino, Yi-Ping Li
Complementation rescue of Pdx1 null phenotype demonstrates distinct roles of proximal and distal cis-regulatory sequences in pancreatic and duodenal expression.Biological sciencesChristopher V.E. Wright, Yoshio Fujitani, Daniel F. Boyer, Maureen Gannon, Alvin C. Powers, Roland W. Stein
Components of both major axial patterning systems of the Bilateria are differentially expressed along the primary axis of a 'radiate' animal, the anthozoan cnidarian Acropora millepora.Biological sciencesDavid J. Miller, Danielle M. de Jong, Nikki R. Hislop, David C. Hayward, John S. Reece-Hoyes, Patricia C. Pontynen, Eldon E. Ball
Comprehensive microarray analysis of Hoxa11/Hoxd11 mutant kidney development.Biological sciencesLarry T. Patterson, Bruce J. Aronow, Kristopher Schwab, Heather A. Hartman, Hung-Chi Liang, S. Steven Potter
Confocal quantification of cis-regulatory reporter gene expression in living sea urchin.Biological sciencesScott E. Fraser, Eric H. Davidson, Sagar Damle, Bridget Hanser
Conserved and acquired features of adult neurogenesis in the zebrafish telencephalon.Biological sciencesLaure Bally-Cuif, Uwe Strahle, Birgit Adolf, Prisca Chapouton, Chen Sok Lam, Stefanie Topp, Birgit Tannhauser, Magdalena Gotz
Conserved co-regulation and promoter sharing of hoxb3a and hoxb4a in zebrafish.(gene expression in zebrafish)Biological sciencesRobert Baker, Thorsten Hadrys, Beena Punnamoottil, Mareike Pieper, Hiroshi Kikuta, Guillaume Pezeron, Thomas S. Becker, Victoria Prince, Silke Rinkwitz
Conserved regulatory elements establish the dynamic expression of Rpx/HesxI in early vertebrate development.(rathke's pouch homeo box gene)Biological sciencesMilan Jamrich, Shen-Ju Chou, Edit Hermesz, Toshihisa Hatta, Doug Feltner, Heithem M. El-odiri, Kathleen Mahon
Continuity versus split and reconstitution: exploring the molecular developmental corollaries of insect eye primordium evolution.Biological sciencesMarkus Friedrich
Contribution of human embryonic stem cells to mouse blastocysts .Biological sciencesAli H. Brivanlou, Daylon James, Scott A. Noggle, Tomasz Swigut
Cooperative Mesp activity is required for normal somitogenesis along the anterior-posterior axis.(mesoderm posterior 2 homolog gene)Biological sciencesMitsuru Morimoto, Yumiko Saga, Makoto Kiso, Nobuo Sasaki
Cooperative non-cell and cell autonomous regulation of nodal gene expression and signaling by lefty/antivin and brachyury in Xenopus.Biological sciencesChristopher V.E. Wright, Shuji Takahashi, Young Ryun Cha
CXCR4/SDF1 interaction inhibits the primordial to primary follicle transition in the neonatal mouse ovary.Biological sciencesPeter Koopman, Andrew Jackson, Janet E. Holt, Shaun D. Roman, R. John Aitken, Eileen A. McLaughlin
Cytokinesis in plant and animal cells: endosomes eshut the doorE.Biological sciencesPeter W. Barlow, FrantiUek BaluUka, Diedrik Menzel
Deadlock, a novel protein of Drosophila, is required for germline maintenance, fusome morphogenesis and axial patterning in oogenesis and associates with centrosomes in the early embryo.Biological sciencesTrudi Schupbach, Kristina Wehr, Andrew Swan
Decapentaplegic head capsule mutations disrupt novel peripodial expression controlling the morphogenesis of the Drosophila ventral head.(decapentaplegic head capsule in controlling morphogenesis )Biological sciencesBrian G. Stultz, Heuijung Lee, Karolyn Ramon, Deborah A. Hursh
Decreased expression of pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members during retinal development and differential sensitivity to cell death.Biological sciencesMaryanne Donovan, Francesca Doonan, Thomas G. Cotter
Defective blood vessel development and pericyte/pvSMC distribution in alpha 4 integrin-deficient mouse embryos.(smooth muscle cells )Biological sciencesAlison Grazioli, Christina S. Alves, Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Joy T. Yang
Defective postnatal development of the male reproductive tract in LGR4 knockout mice.(leucine-rich repeat-containing G protein-coupled receptor 4 )Biological sciencesGilbert Vassart, Fernando Mendive, Patrick Laurent, Gregory Van Schoore, William Skarnes, Roland Pochet
Delays in neuronal differentiation in Mash1/Ascl 1 mutants.Biological sciencesAlexandre Pattyn, Jean-Francois Brunet, Francois Guillemot
Delta and Hairy establish a periodic prepattern that positions sensory bristles in Drosophila legs.Biological sciencesMeghana Joshi, Kathryn T. Buchanan, Stuti Shroff, Teresa V. Orenic
Depolarization promotes survival of ciliary ganglion neurons by BDNF-dependent and -independent mechanisms.Biological sciencesPhyllis C. Pugh, Xiangdong Zhou, Selwyn S. Jayakar, Joseph F. Margiotta
Developmental expression and hormonal regulation of different isoforms of the transcription factor E75 in the tobacco hornworm Manduca sexta.Biological sciencesBela Keshan, Kiyoshi Hiruma, Lynn M. Riddiford
Developmental relocation of presynaptic terminals along distinct types of dendritic filopodia.(dendritic filopodia )Biological sciencesJ.F. Evers, D. Muench, C. Duch
Developmental timing in Dictyostelium is regulated by the Set1 histone methyltransferase.Biological sciencesBryan M. Turner, Robert H. Singer, Wendy A. Bickmore, Gad Shaulsky, Jonathan R. Chubb, Gareth Bloomfield, Qikai Xu, Markus Kaller, Jason Skelton, Wolfgan g Nellen, Robert R. Kay
Development and differentiation of the ureteric bud into the ureter in the absence of a kidney collecting system.Biological sciencesMichael G. Rosenfeld, Xue Li, David W. Rose, Sanjay K. Nigam, Kevin T. Bush, Duke A. Vaughn, Stanley A. Mendoza
Development of midline cell types and commissural axon tracts requires Fgfr1 in the cerebrum.(fibroblast growth factor receptor 1)Biological sciencesShubha Tole, Grigoriy Gutin, Lahar Bhatnagar, Ryan Remedios, Jean M. Hebert
Development of the male germline stem cell niche in Drosophila.Biological sciencesStephanie Le Bras, Mark Van Doren
Development of the primary mouth in Xenopus laevis.Biological sciencesAmanda J.G. Dickinson, Hazel Sive
Dickkopf related genes are components of the positional value gradient in Hydra.(Dickkopf family of proteins)Biological sciencesThomas C.G. Bosch, Rene Augustin, Andre Franke, Konstantin Khalturin, Rainer Kiko, Stefan Siebert, Georg Hemmrich
Dietary manipulation implicates lipid signaling in the regulation of germ cell maintenance in C. elegans.(Caenorhabditis elegans )Biological sciencesJennifer L. Watts, John Browse
Differential gene expression and functional analysis implicate novel mechanisms in enteric nervous system precursor migration and neuritogenesis.Biological sciencesBhupinder P.S. Vohra, Keiji Tsuji, Mayumi Nagashimada, Toshihiro Uesaka, Daniel Wind, Ming Fu, Jennifer Armon, Hideki Enomoto, Robert O. Heuckeroth
Differential role of FGF9 on epithelium and mesenchyme in mouse embryonic lung.(fibroblast growth factor 9)Biological sciencesDavid Warburton, Pierre-Marie del Moral, Stijn P. De Langhe, Frederic G. Sala, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Kasper Wang, Saverio Bellusci
Direct evidence that ventral forebrain cells migrate to the cortex and contribute to the generation of cortical myelinating oligodendrocytes.Biological sciencesTakeshi Shimizu, Tetsushi Kagawa, Kazuhiro Ikenaka, Eiko Nakahira, Martyn D. Goulding
Discovery of genes expressed in Hydra embryogenesis.Biological sciencesThomas C.G. Bosch, Georg Hemmrich, Grigory Genikhovich, Ulrich Kurn
Distinct functions of the leucine-rich repeat transmembrane proteins Capricious and Tartan in the Drosophila tracheal morphogenesis.Biological sciencesChristos Samakovlis, Christian Wolf, Reinhard Schuh, Cindy Krause, Johanna Hemphala
Distinct roles for ephrinB3 in the formation and function of hippocampal synapses.Biological sciencesMark Henkemeyer, Edward J. Green, Alma Rodenas-Ruano, Miguel A. Perez-Pinzon, Daniel J. Liebl
Distinct roles for retinoic acid receptors alpha and beta in early lung morphogenesis.Biological sciencesPierre Chambon, Pascal Dolle, Jun Qian, Wellington V. Cardoso, Karen Niederreither, Tushar J. Desai, Felicia Chen, Jining Lu
Distinct roles of HF-1b/Sp4 in ventricular and neural crest cells lineages affect cardiac conduction system development.Biological sciencesKenneth R. Chien, Masahiko Hoshijima, Yusu Gu, Tara R. St. Amand, Jonathan T. Lu, Monica Zamora, Janelle Stricker, Jonathan A. Epstein, John J. Ross, Pilar Ruiz-Lozano
Distinct signals from the microbiota promote different aspects of zebrafish gut differentiation.Biological sciencesJennifer M. Bates, Erika Mittge, Julie Kuhlman, Katrina N. Baden, Sarah E. Cheesman, Karen Guillemin
Dopachrome tautomerase (Dct) regulates neural progenitor cell proliferation.(dopachrome tautomerase in cell development)Biological sciencesZhongxian Jiao, Thomas J. Hornyak, Ann Hozeska, Rui Lan Zhang, Cynthia Roberts
Dose-dependent Smad1, Smad5 and Smad8 signaling in the early mouse embryo.(receptor regulated Smad proteins)Biological sciencesElizabeth J. Robertson, Silvia Maretto, Sebastian J. Arnold, Ayesha Islam, Elizabeth K. Bikoff
Dpp and Gbb exhibit different effective ranges in the establishment of the BMP activity gradient critical for drosophila wing patterning.(decapentaplegic, bone morphogenetic protein)Biological sciencesErdem Bangi, Kristi Wharton
Drosophila Rho-kinase (DRok) is required for tissue morphogenesis in diverse compartments of the egg chamber during oogenesis.Biological sciencesJeffrey Settleman, Valerie Verdier, David A. Hughes, Susan M. Parkhurst, James E. Johndrow, Martha Betson
D-six4 plays a key role in patterning cell identities deriving from the Drosophila mesoderm.Biological sciencesAndrew P. Jarman, Ivan B.N. Clark, Joanna Boyd, Graham Hamilton, David J. Finnegan
Dual origin of avian lymphatics.Biological sciencesStanislav I. Tomarev, Jorg Wilting, Yama Aref, Ruijin Huang, Lothar Schweigerer, Bodo Christ, Petr Valasek, Maria Papoutsi
Dynamic expression of DNMT3a and DNMT3b isoforms during male germ cell development in the mouse.(deoxyribonucleic acid methyltransferase)Biological sciencesSophie La Salle, Jacquetta M. Trasler
Dynamic localization and functional implications of Aurora-C kinase during male mouse meiosis.Biological sciencesTang K. Tang, Chieh-Ju C. Tang, Chun-Yi Lin
Dystroglycan is required for proper retinal layering.Biological sciencesAndrea Lunardi, Federico Cremisi, Luciana Dente
Effect of p75NTR on the regulation of naturally occurring cell death and retinal ganglion cell number in the mouse eye.(low-affinity neurotrophin receptor p75 )Biological sciencesLuis F. Parada, Yasuo Sakai, Chikako Harada, Takayuki Harada, Kazuaki Nakamura, Kohichi Tanaka
Effects of follistatin overexpression on cell differentiation in the chick embryo retina.Biological sciencesRuben Adler, Ernesto F. Moreira
EGF signaling overcomes a uterine cell death associated with temporal mis-coordination of organogenesis within the C. elegans egg-laying apparatus.Biological sciencesLi Huang, Wendy Hanna-Rose
Embryonic expression profiles and conserved localization mechanisms of pem/postplasmic mRNAs of two species of ascidian, ciona intestinalis and ciona savignyi.Biological sciencesLixy Yamada
Emerging from the fog: hypotheses and paradigms in developmental biology-The Society for Developmental Biology 2005 annual meeting report.Biological sciencesDavid Bilder, Scott Barolo, Neelima Sinha, Xin Sun, Mary Montgomery
Endocytic trafficking of wingless and its receptors, arrow and DFrizzled-2, in the Drosophila wing.Biological sciencesStephen DiNardo, Anna F. Rives, Kate M. Rochlin, Marcel Wehrli, Stephanie L. Schwartz
Endothelin-3 regulates neural crest cell proliferation and differentiation in the hindgut enteric nervous system.Biological sciencesNandor Nagy, Allan M. Goldstein
Endothelium is required for the promotion of interrenal morphogenetic movement during early zebrafish development .Biological sciencesYi-Wen Liu, Lin Guo
EphB2 regulates axonal growth at the midline in the developing auditory brainstem.Biological sciencesKarina S. Cramer, Douglas Pat Cerretti, Shazia A. Siddiqui
Epigenetic abnormalities of the mouse paternal zygotic genome associated with microinsemination of round spermatids.Biological sciencesTeruhiko Wakayama, Hiroshi Ohta, Eiji Mizutani, Satoshi Kishigami, Nguyen Van Thuan, Takafusa Hikichi, Sayaka Wakayama
Epimorphin acts extracellularly to promote cell sorting and aggregation during the condensation of vertebral cartilage.Biological sciencesYohei Hirai, Yoshiko Takahashi, Yumiko Oka, Yuki Sato, Hokari Tsuda, Kazunori Hanaoka
Epithelial and ectomesenchymal role of the type I TGF-? receptor ALK5 during facial morphogenesis and palatal fusion.(craniofacial tissues during morphogenesis )Biological sciencesStefan Karlsson, Jonas Larsson, Marek Dudas, Jieun Kim, Andre Nagy, Vesa Kaartinen
Epithelial cell adhesion in the developing Drosophila retina is regulated by Atonal and the EGF receptor pathway.(epidermal growth factor )Biological sciencesMatthew Freeman, Katherine E. Brown, Antonio Baonz
Epithelial overexpression of BDNF and NT4 produces distinct gustatory axon morphologies that disrupt initial targeting.(Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, neurotrophin 4)Biological sciencesGrace F. Lopez, Robin F. Krimm
Ernest Everett Just (1883-1941) - an early ecological developmental biologist.Biological sciencesW. Malcolm Byrnes, William R. Eckberg
Essential and overlapping roles for laminin alpha chains in notochord and blood vessel formation.Biological sciencesDerek L. Stemple, Brant M. Weinstein, Makoto Kamei, Steven M. Pollard, Michael J. Parsons, Ross N.W. Kettleborough, Kevin A. Thomas, Van N. Pham, Moon-Kyoung Bae, Annabelle Scott
Establishment of animal-vegetal polarity during maturation in ascidian oocytes.Biological sciencesFrancois Prodon, Janet Chenevert, Christian Sardet
Establishment of cardiac cytoarchitecture in the developing mouse heart.Biological sciencesJean-Claude Perriard, Alain Hirschy, Franziska Schatzmann, Elisabeth Ehler
Evi1 is specifically expressed in the distal tubule and duct of the Xenopus pronephros and plays a role in its formation.Biological sciencesJean-Christophe Marine, Claude Van Campenhout, Massimo Nichane, Aline Antoniou, Helene Pendeville, Odile J. Bronchain, Andre Mazabraud, Marianne L. Voz, Eric J. Bellefroid
Evidence for motoneuron lineage-specific regulation of Olig2 in the vertebrate neural tube.Biological sciencesDavid H. Rowitch, Hans R. Widlund, Tao Sun, Brian P. Hafler, Sovann Kaing, Masaaki Kitada, Keith L. Ligon, Dong-in Yuk, Charles D. Stiles
Expression and function of blimp1/krox, an alternatively transcribed regulatory gene of the sea urchin endomesoderm network.Biological sciencesEric H. Davidson, Carolina B. Livi
Expression and regulation of antioxidant enzymes in the developing limb support a function of ROS in interdigital cell death.(reactive oxygen species)Biological sciencesDenhi Schnabel, Enrique Salas-Vidal, Veronica Narvaez, Maria del Rayo Sanchez-Carbente, David Hernandez-Garcia, Rodrigo Cuervo, Luis Covarrubias
Expression and regulation of SLC39A family zinc transporters in the developing mouse intestine.Biological sciencesZhixin L. Huang, Jodi Dufner-Beattie, Glen K. Andrews
Expression of constitutively active Notch1 in male genital tracts results in ectopic growth and blockage of efferent ducts, epididymal hyperplasia and sterility.Biological sciencesPaul Jolicoeur, Mathieu Lupien, Anne Dievart, Carlos R. Morales, Louis Hermod, Ezequiel Calvo, Denis G. Kay, Chunyan Hu
Expression of 'segmentation' genes during larval and juvenile development in the polychaetes Capitella sp. I and H. elegans.(Hydroides elegans)Biological sciencesElaine C. Seaver, Lori M. Kaneshige
Expression of the short stature homeobox gene Shox is restricted by proximal and distal signals in chick limb buds and affects the length of skeletal elements.Biological sciencesCheryll Tickle, Elizabeth R. Farrell, Eva Tiecke, Fiona Bangs, Rudiger Blaschke, Gudrun Rappold
Expression profiling of glial genes during drosophila embryogenesis.Biological sciencesJorg D. Hoheisel, Gerhard M. Technau, Benjamin Altenhein, Angela Becker, Christian Busold, Boris Beckmann
Eya1 is required for lineage-specific differentiation, but not for cell survival in the zebrafish adenohypophysis.Biological sciencesHeinz Schwarz, Matthias Hammerschmidt, Gabriela Nica, Wiebke Herzog, Carmen Sonntag, Matthias Nowak, Agustin G. Zapata
Eya1 regulates the growth of otic epithelium and interacts with Pax2 during the development of all sensory areas in the inner ear.(eyes absent)Biological sciencesSven Enerback, Dan Zou, Derek Silvius, Sandra Rodrigo-Blomqvist, Pin-Xian Xu
Fate and plasticity of the endoderm in the early chick embryo.Biological sciencesClaudio D. Stern, Sadao Yasugi, Wataru Kimura, Kimiko Fukuda
Fate of the initial follicle pool: empirical and mathematical evidence supporting its sufficiency for adult fertility.Biological sciencesSarah K. Bristol-Gould, Pamela K. Kreeger, Christina G. Selkirk, Signe M. Kilen, Lonnie D. Shea, Kelly E. Mayo, Teresa K. Woodruff
Fertilization regulates apoptosis of Ciona intestinalis extra-embryonic cells through thyroxine (T4)-dependent NF- [kappa]B pathway activation during early embryonic development.Biological sciencesArnaud Berthomieu, Jonathan Soule, Benoit Maury, Camille Martinand-Mari, Jean-Philippe Chambon, Genevieve Degols, Alain Sahuquet, Mylene Weill, Philippe Fort, Paul Mangeat, Stephen Baghdiguian
Fertilization triggers localized activation of Src-family protein kinases in the zebrafish egg.Biological sciencesDipika Sharma, William H. Kinsey
FGF10 is required for cell proliferation and gland formation in the stomach epithelium of the chicken embryo.Biological sciencesMasahiro Shin, Sumihare Noji, Annette Neubuser, Sadao Yasugi
FGF2 plays a key role in embryonic cerebrospinal fluid trophic properties over chick embryo neuroepithelial stem cells.(embryo development in chicken )Biological sciencesC. Martin, D. Bueno, M.I. Alonso, J.A. Moro, C. Parada, P. Martin, E. Carnicero, A. Gato
Fgf8 expression in the Tbx1 domain causes skeletal abnormalities and modifies the aortic arch but not the outflow tract phenotype of Tbx1 mutants.Biological sciencesFrancesca Vitelli, Antonio Baldini, Zhen Zhang, Tuong Huynh, Angela Sobotka, Annalisa Mupo
FGF8, Wnt8 and Myf5 are target genes of Tbx6 during anteroposterior specification in Xenopus embryo.(wingless-type MMTV integration site family member 8B, fibroblast growth factor 8, myogenic factor 5)Biological sciencesHong-Yan Li, Audrey Bourdelas, Clemence Carron, Celine Gomez, Jean-Claude Boucaut, De-Li Shi
FGF is essential for both condensation and mesenchymal-epithelial transition stages of pronephric kidney tubule development.(fibroblast growth factor)Biological sciencesDavid W. Raible, Anna E. Urban, Xiaolan Zhou, Josette M. Ungos, Curtis R. Altmann, Peter D. Vize
Fgf signaling negatively regulates nodal-dependent endoderm induction in zebrafish.(fibroblast growth factor)Biological sciencesYutaka Kikuchi, Takamasa Mizoguchi, Toshiaki Izawa, Atsushi Kuroiwa
FGF signal transduction and the regulation of Cdx gene expression.(fibroblast growth factor, caudal type homeo box genes)Biological sciencesIain D. Keenan, R. Michael Sharrard, Harry V. Isaacs
Fibroblast growth factor 10 is required for survival and proliferation but not differentiation of intestinal epithelial progenitor cells during murine colon development.Biological sciencesDavid Warburton, Frederic G. Sala, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Kasper Wang, Saverio Bellusci, Pierre-Marie Del Moral, Jennifer L. Curtis, Lendy T. Le, Timothy J. Fairbanks, Henri Ford, Cartland Burns
Fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 signaling in the osteo-chondrogenic cell lineage regulates sequential steps of osteoblast maturation.(human skeletal development)Biological sciencesDavid M. Ornitz, Craig Smith, Juha Partanen, Anne L. Jacob
Fishing for prostanoids: deciphering the developmental functions of cyclooxygenase-derived prostaglandins.Biological sciencesLilianna Solnica-Krezel, Raymond N. DuBois, Yong I. Cha
FNDC3A is required for adhesion between spermatids and Sertoli cells.Biological sciencesGrant R. MacGregor, Katrina G. Waymire, Kevin L. Obholz, Arsen Akopyan
Focal adhesion kinase is essential for costamerogenesis in cultured skeletal muscle cells.Biological sciencesThomas A. Rando, Navaline L. Quach
Focal adhesions: what's new inside.(molecular complexes vital in focal adhesions)Biological sciencesSu Hao Lo
Fog1 is required for cardiac looping in zebrafish.Biological sciencesR. Zaak Walton, Ashley E.E. Bruce, Harold E. Olivey, Khalid Najib, Vanitha Johnson, Judy U. Earley, Robert K. Ho, Eric C. Svensson
Forkhead transcription factors, foxc1 and foxc2, are required for the morphogenesis of the cardiac outflow tract.(morphogenesis heart development and functioning )Biological sciencesTsutomu Kume, Seungwoon Seo
FoxA3 and goosecoid promote anterior neural fate through inhibition of Wnt8a activity before the onset of gastrulation.(forkhead box A3)Biological sciencesBernard Thisse, Christine Thisse, Iban Seiliez
Foxd3 mediates zebrafish myf5 expression during early somitogenesis.(forkhead box d3, myogenic factor 5)Biological sciencesHuai-Jen Tsai, Hung-Chieh Lee, Hsing-Yen Huang, Cheng-Yung Lin, Yau-Hung Chen
Frizzled7 mediates canonical Wnt signaling in neural crest induction.Biological sciencesMuhammad Abu-Elmagd, Carla Garcia-Morales, Grant N. Wheeler
Functional compensation in Hedgehog signaling during mouse prostate development.Biological sciencesJason Doles, Crist Cook, Xudong Shi, Janine Valosky, Robert Lipinski, Wade Bushman
Functions of the ecdysone receptor isoform-A in the hemimetabolous insect Blattella germanica revealed by systemic RNAi in vivo.Biological sciencesDavid Martin, Josefa Cruz, Daniel Mane-Padros, Xavier Belles
Functions of the segment polarity genes midline and H15 in Drosophila melanogaster neurogenesis.(human T-box gene)Biological sciencesWilliam Chia, Guy Tear, Marita Buescher, Murni Tio, Paul M. Overton, William J. Brook
GABAergic specification in the basal forebrain is controlled by the LIM-hd factor Lhx7.Biological sciencesIsabelle Bachy, Sylvie Retaux
Gata6 is an important regulator of mouse pancreas development.Biological sciencesKimberly Decker, Devorah C. Goldman, Catherine L. Grasch, Lori Sussel
Gene expression changes at metamorphosis induced by thyroid hormone in Xenopus laevis tadpoles.Biological sciencesDonald D. Brown, Biswajit Das, Liquan Cai, Mark G. Carter, Yu-Lan Piao, Alexei A. Sharov, Minoru S.H. Ko
Gene families encoding transcription factors expressed in early development of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.Biological sciencesMeredith Howard-Ashby, Stefan C. Materna, C. Titus Brown, R. Andrew Cameron, Lili Chen, Eric H. Davidson
Generation of cerebellar neuron precursors from embryonic stem cells.Biological sciencesYoshiki Sasai, Hong-Lin Su, Keiko Muguruma, Mami Matsuo-Takasaki, Mineko Kengaku, Kiichi Watanabe
Genetic interactions between Drosophila melanogaster menin and Jun/Fos.Biological sciencesMichael Parisi, Aniello Cerrato, Sonia Santa Anna, Fanis Missirlis, Siradanahalli Guru, Sunita Agarwal, David Sturgill, Thomas Talbot, Allen Spiegel, Francis Collins
Genetic manipulation of blood group carbohydrates alters development and pathfinding of primary sensory axons of the olfactory systems.Biological sciencesJames A. St John, Christina Claxton, Mark W. Robinson, Fumiichiro Yamamoto, Steven E. Domino, Brian Key
Genetic organization and embryonic expression of the parahox genes in the sea urchin s. purpuratus: insights into the relationship between clustering and colinearity.Biological sciencesPedro Martinez, R. Andrew Cameron, Francesca Rizzo, Maria I. Arnone, Rosella Annunciata, Kevin J. Peterson
Genetic regulatory networks programming hematopoietic stem cells and erythroid lineage specification.Biological sciencesRoger Patient, Gemma Swiers, Matthew Loose
Genome restructuring in mouse embryos during reprogramming and early development.Biological sciencesPascale Debey, Daniele Zink, Catherine Martin, Nathalie Beaujean, Vincent Brochard, Christophe Audouard
Genomics and expression profiles of the hedgehog and notch signaling pathways in sea urchin development.Biological sciencesDavid R. McClay, Jenifer C. Croce, Shu-Yu Wu, Katherine D. Walton, Thomas D. Glenn
Germinal vesicle material drives meiotic cell cycle of mouse oocyte through the 3'UTR-dependent control of cyclin B1 synthesis.(untranslated region)Biological sciencesZbigniew Polanski, Steffen Hoffmann, Chizuko Tsurumi, Jacek Z. Kubiak
Germ line determinants are not localized early in sea urchin development, but do accumulate in the small micromere lineage.Biological sciencesGary M. Wessel, Ekaterina Voronina, Celina E. Juliano, Christie Stack, Maryanna Aldrich, Andrew R. Cameron
Global analysis of hematopoietic and vascular endothelial gene expression by tissue specific microarray profiling in zebrafish.Biological sciencesNathan D. Lawson, Laurence Covassin, Julio D. Amigo, Kana Suzuki, Viktor Teplyuk, Juerg Straubhaar
Global cell sorting in the C. elegans embryo defines a new mechanism for pattern formation.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesRalf Schnabel, Hans Meinhardt, Harald Hutter, Marcus Bischoff, Arend Hintze, Anja-Kristina Schulz, Andreas Hejnol
Global cell sorting is mediated by local cell-cell interactions in the C. elegans embryo.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesRalf Schnabel, Marcus Bischoff
Gonadotrope and thyrotrope development in the human and mouse anterior pituitary gland.(gland development in humans and mouse )Biological sciencesRichard A. Anderson, Caroline Pope, Judy R. McNeilly, Shiona Coutts, Mike Millar, Alan S. McNeilly
Graded maternal short gastrulation protein contributes to embryonic dorsal-ventral patterning by delayed induction.(bone morphogenetic proteins)Biological sciencesK. Carneiro, M. Fontenele, E. Negreiros, E. Lopes, E. Bier, H. Araujo
Heading in a new direction: implications of the revised fate map for understanding Xenopus laevis development.Biological sciencesMary Constance Lane, Michael D. Sheets
Hearts and bones: shared regulatory mechanisms in heart valve, cartilage, tendon, and bone development.Biological sciencesKatherine E. Yutzey, Joy Lincoln, Alexander W. Lange
Hedgehog acts directly on the zebrafish dermomyotome to promote myogenic differentiation.Biological sciencesXuesong Feng, Eric G. Adiarte, Stephen H. Devoto
Hedgehog and RAS pathways cooperate in the anterior-posterior specification and positioning of cardiac progenitor cells.Biological sciencesJiandong Liu, Li Qian, Robert J. Wessells, Yannick Bidet, Krzysztof Jagla, Rolf Bodmer
Her1 and her13.2 are jointly required for somitic border specification along the entire axis of the fish embryo.(hairy and enhancer of split related-7 and 13.2 genes)Biological sciencesDiethard Tautz, Christoph Winkler, Dirk Sieger, Bastian Ackermann, Martin Gajewski
Hex homeobox gene controls the transition of the endoderm to a pseudostratified, cell emergent epithelium for liver bud development.Biological sciencesKenneth S. Zaret, Roque Bort, Massimo Signore, Kimberly Tremblay, Juan Pedro Martinez Barbera
Hhip regulates zebrafish muscle development by both sequestering Hedgehog and modulating localization of Smoothened.Biological sciencesBret J. Pearson, Pao-Tien Chuang, Matthias Hammerschmidt, Haruki Ochi, Monte Westerfield
High regulatory gene use in sea urchin embryogenesis: implications for bilaterian development and evolution.Biological sciencesQiang Tu, Eric H. Davidson, Meredith Howard-Ashby, Stefan C. Materna, C. Titus Brown, Paola Oliveri, R. Andrew Cameron
Hippi is essential for node cilia assembly and Sonic hedgehog signaling.Biological sciencesMichael R. Hayden, Donald W. Nicholson, Pamela A. Hoodless, Sophie Roy, Caroline Houde, Robin J. Dickinson, Vicky M. Houtzager, Rebecca Cullum, Rachel Montpetit, Martina Metzler, Elizabeth M. Simpson
Histone lysine trimethylation exhibits a distinct perinuclear distribution in Plzf-expressing spermatogonia.Biological sciencesChristopher Payne, Robert E. Braun
HNF factors form a network to regulate liver-enriched genes in zebrafish.(hepatocyte nuclear factors)Biological sciencesWei Wu, Wei Cheng, Lin Guo, Zhenhai Zhang, Hui Meng Soo, Chaoming Wen, Jinrong Peng
Hoxa-10 deficiency alters region-specific gene expression and perturbs differentiation of natural killer cells during decidualization.(homeobox transcription factor-10)Biological sciencesSudhansu K. Dey, Ping Li, Haibin Wang, Sanjoy K. Das, Mohammad A. Rahman, Meiling Li
Hox cofactors in vertebrate development.Biological sciencesCecilia B. Moens, Licia Selleri
Identification and characterization of a previously undetected region between the perichondrium and periosteum of the developing avian limb.Biological sciencesMarsha L. Crochiere, James K. Kubilus, Thomas F. Linsenmayer
Identification and characterization of homeobox transcription factor genes in strongylocentrotus purpuratus, and their expression in embryonic development.Biological sciencesEric H. Davidson, Meredith Howard-Ashby, Stefan C. Materna, C. Titus Brown, R. Andrew Cameron, Lili Chen
Identification and developmental expression of the ets gene family in the sea urchin (strongylocentrotus purpuratus).Biological sciencesFrancesca Rizzo, Montserrat Fernandez-Serra, Paola Squarzoni, Aristea Archimandritis, Maria I. Arnone
Identification and lineage tracing of two populations of somatic gonadal precursors in medaka embryos .Biological sciencesJoachim Wittbrodt, Daisuke Kobayashi, Shuhei Nakamura, Yumiko Aoki, Hayato Yokoi, Youko Ebe, Minoru Tanaka
Identification of a BMP inhibitor-responsive promoter module required for expression of the early neural gene zic1.(bone morphogenetic protein )Biological sciencesHazel L. Sive, Vincent Tropepe, Shuhong Li, Amanda Dickinson, Joshua T. Gamse
Identification of an unexpected link between the Shh pathway and a G2/M regulator, the phosphatase CDC25B.Biological sciencesBertrand Benazeraf, Qiusheng Chen, Emilie Peco, Valrie Lobjois, Francois Medevielle, Bernard Ducommun, Fabienne Pituello
Identification of cis-regulatory elements from the C. elegans Hox gene lin-39 required for embryonic expression and for regulation by the transcription factors LIN-1, LIN-31 and LIN-39.Biological sciencesJulie E. Gleason, David M. Eisenmann, Javier A. Wagmaister, Ginger R. Miley, Corey A. Morris, Leilani M. Miller, Kerry Kornfeld
Identification of novel target genes of CeTwist and CeE/DA.(Report)Biological sciencesJie Zhao, Peng Wang, Ann K. Corsi
Increase in intracellular cAMP is a prerequisite signal for initiation of physiological oocyte meiotic maturation in the hydrozoan Cytaeis uchidae.(cyclic adenosine monophosphate)Biological sciencesKeiichiro Kyozuka, Ryusaku Deguchi, Noriyo Takeda
Independent regulation of skeletal growth by Ihh and IGF signaling.(Indian hedgehog, insulin-like growth factors )Biological sciencesAndrew P. McMahon, Argiris Efstratiadis, Fanxin Long, Kyu-Sang Joeng, Shouhong Xuan
Indispensable role of Bcl2 in the development of the melanocyte stem cell.Biological sciencesShin-Ichi Nishikawa, Siu-Shan Mak, Mariko Moriyama, Eri Nishioka, Masatake Osawa
Induction and specification of cranial placodes.Biological sciencesGerhard Schlosser
Induction of oligodendrocyte progenitors in dorsal forebrain by intraventricular microinjection of FGF-2.Biological sciencesSeiji Hitoshi, Kazuhiro Ikenaka, Masae Naruse, Eiko Nakahira, Takaki Miyata, Rashmi Bansal
Inhibition of BMP signaling during zebrafish fin regeneration disrupts fin growth and scleroblast differentiation and function.(bone morphogenetic protein)Biological sciencesA. Smith, M.A. Akimenko, F. Avaron, B.K. Padhi Guaya
Inhibitor-resistant type I receptors reveal specific requirements for TGF-? signaling in vivo .Biological sciencesMalcolm Whitman, Diana M. Ho, Joanne Chan, Peter Bayliss
Interaction of PAR-6 with CDC-42 is required for maintenance but not establishment of PAR asymmetry in C. elegans.(Partitioning-defective 6 protein, cell division cycle 42, Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesKenneth J. Kemphues, Donato Aceto, Melissa Beers
Interactions between retinoic acid, nerve growth factor and sonic hedgehog signalling pathways in neurite outgrowth.Biological sciencesMalcolm Maden, Susan Hall, Nicholas D. Mazarakis, Po-Lin So, Ping K. Yip, Stephen Bunting, Liang-Fong Wong, Stephen McMahon, Jonathan P.T. Corcoran
Interactions between Sox10, Edn3 and Ednrb during enteric nervous system and melanocyte development.Biological sciencesVassilis Pachnis, Michel Goossens, Laure Stanchina, Viviane Baral, Fabienne Robert, Veronique Pingault, Nicole Lemort, Nadege Bondurand
Interactions between Sox10, Edn3 and Ednrb during enteric nervous system and melanocyte development.Biological sciencesVassilis Pachnis, Michel Goossens, Laure Stanchina, Nicole Lemort, Nadege Bondurand, Viviane Baral, Fabienne Robert, Veronique Pingault
Intermediary metabolism in sea urchin: the first inferences from the genome sequence.Biological sciencesArcady Mushegian, Manisha Goel
In the beginning ... animal fertilization and sea urchin development.Biological sciencesGary M. Wessel, Elissa Briggs
Intracellular Ca2+ increase induces post-fertilization events via MAP kinase dephosphorylation in eggs of the hydrozoan jellyfish Cladonema pacificu.(calcium ions, mitogen-activated protein kinase)Biological sciencesKazunori Tachibana, Eri Kondoh, Ryusaku Deguchi
Intrinsic and extrinsic inhibition of oligodendrocyte development by rat retina.Biological sciencesRobert H. Miller, Limin Gao, Wendy Macklin, James Gerson
Involvement of pleiotrophin in CNTF-mediated differentiation of the late retinal progenitor cells.(ciliary neurotrophic factor)Biological sciencesJerome Roger, Valerie Brajeul, Sylvie Thomasseau, Anni Hienola, Jose-Alain Sahel, Xavier Guillonneau, Olivier Goureau
Involvement of the Olig2 transcription factor in cholinergic neuron development of the basal forebrain.(Report)Biological sciencesMiki Furusho, Katsuhiko Ono, Hirohide Takebayashi, Noritaka Masahira, Tetsushi Kagawa, Kazuyo Ikeda, Kazuhiro Ikenaka
Isl1 is upstream of sonic hedgehog in a pathway required for cardiac morphogenesis.Biological sciencesSylvia Evans, Lizhu Lin, Lei Bu, Chen-Leng Cai, Xiaoxue Zhang
Isolation of mouse mammary epithelial progenitor cells with basal characteristics from the Comma-Dss cell line.Biological sciencesJean Paul Thiery, Marie-Ange Deugnier, Marisa M. Faraldo, Jerome Teuliere, Daniel Medina, Marina A. Glukhova
KATP channels in mouse spermatogenic cells and sperm, and their role in capacitation.Biological sciences Juan Jose Acevedo, Irene Mendoza-Lujambio, Jose Luis de la Vega-Beltran, Claudia L. Trevino, Ricardo Felix, Alberto Darszon
Key role played by RhoA in the balance between planar and apico-basal cell divisions in the chick neuroepithelium.Biological sciencesI. Roszko, D. Henrique C. Afonso, L. Mathis
Knockdown of spalt function by RNAi causes de-repression of Hox genes and homeotic transformations in the crustacean Artemia franciscana.(ribonucleic acid interference)Biological sciencesTijana Copf, Nicolas Rabet, Michalis Averof
Knockdown of the tetraspan protein epithelial membrane protein-2 inhibits implantation in the mouse.Biological sciencesJonathan Braun, Madhuri Wadehra, Molina Dayal, Monica Mainigi, Ramaswamy Iyer, Carmen J. Williams
Kruppel acts as a gap gene regulating expression of hunchback and even-skipped in the intermediate germ cricket Gryllus bimaculatus.Biological sciencesHaruko Okamoto, Sumihare Noji, Taro Mito, Wakako Shinahara, Yohei Shinmyo, Katsuyuki Miyawaki, Hideyo Ohuchi
Laminar organization of the early developing anterior hypothalamus.Biological sciencesAurore Caqueret, Francine Boucher, Jacques L. Michaud
Laminin isoforms and lung development: all isoforms are not equal.Biological sciencesRobert M. Senior, Nguyet M. Nguyen
Lef1 is required for the transition of Wnt signaling from mesenchymal to epithelial cells in the mouse embryonic mammary gland.Biological sciencesRudolf Grosschedl, Kata Boras-Granic, Hong Chang, Paul A. Hamel
Left and right ventricular contributions to the formation of the interventricular septum in the mouse heart.Biological sciencesMargaret Buckingham, Andreas Kispert, Diego Franco, Sigolene M. Meilhac, Vincent M. Christoffels, Robert G. Kelly
Level-specific role of paraxial mesoderm in regulation of Tbx5/Tbx4 expression and limb initiation.Biological sciencesKoji Tamura, Daisuke Saito, Sayuri Yonei-Tamura, Yoshiko Takahashi
LeX is expressed by principle progenitor cells in the embryonic nervous system, is secreted into their environment and binds Wnt-1.Biological sciencesSally Temple, Alexandra Capela
Lim kinase regulates the development of olfactory and neuromuscular synapses.Biological sciencesLay-Hong Ang, Haig Keshishian, Weitao Chen, Rie Ozawa, Enxiang Tao, Junichiro Yonekura, Tadashi Uemura, Huey Hing
Lineage-specific expansions provide genomic complexity among sea urchin GTPases.Biological sciencesGary M. Wessel, David R. McClay, Wendy S. Beane, Ekaterina Voronina
Long-range downstream enhancers are essential for Pax6 expression.(paired box gene 6 )Biological sciencesDavid J. Price, Dirk A. Kleinjan, Anne Seawright, Sebastien Mella, Catherine B. Carr, David A. Tyas, T. Ian Simpson, John O. Mason, Veronica van Heyningen
Long-range upstream and downstream enhancers control distinct subsets of the complex spatiotemporal Sox9 expression pattern.Biological sciencesThomas Gunther, Rolf Kemler, Moises Mallo, Roland Schule, Stefan Bagheri-Fam, Francisco Barrionuevo, Ulrike Dohrmann, Benoit Kanzler, Gerd Scherer
Loss of Alx4, a stromally-restricted homeodomain protein, impairs mammary epithelial morphogenesis.(morphogenesis in mammals )Biological sciencesPaul A. Hamel, Purna A. Joshi, Hong Chang
Loss of Cited2 affects trophoblast formation and vascularization of the mouse placenta.Biological sciencesS.L. Withington, A.N. Scott, D.N. Saunders, K. Lopes Floro, J.I. Preis, J. Michalicek, K. Maclean, D.B. Sparrow, J.P. Martinez Barbera, S.L. Dunwoodie
Loss of orphan nuclear receptor GCNF function disrupts forebrain development and the establishment of the isthmic organizer.(Germ cell nuclear factor)Biological sciencesArthur C.-K. Chung, Karen A. Niederreither, Xueping Xu, Austin J. Cooney
Loss of the maternal imprint in Dnmt3L(super mat-/-) mice leads to a differentiation defect in the extraembryonic tissue.Biological sciencesEn Li, Hiroyuki Sasaki, Kenichiro Hata, Satoshi Tanaka, Takahiro Arima, Maki Kusumi, Kiyoko Kato, Kunio Shiota, Norio Wake
Lymphangiogenesis promotes lens destruction and subsequent lens regeneration in the newt eyeball, and both processes can be accelerated by transplantation of dendritic cells.Biological sciencesTomoko Kanao, Yukihisa Miyachi
Maternal expression of a NANOS homolog is required for early development of the leech Helobdella robusta.Biological sciencesDavid A. Weisblat, Sara J. Agee, Deirdre C. Lyons
Maternal XTcf1 and XTcf4 have distinct roles in regulating Wnt target genes.Biological sciencesJanet Heasman, Chris Wylie, Matt Kofron, Olivier Destree, Henrietta J. Standley
Math5 is required for both early retinal neuron differentiation and cell cycle progression.Biological sciencesTien T. Le, Emily Wroblewski, Sima Patel, Amy N. Riesenberg, Nadean L. Brown
MAU-8 is a Phosducin-like Protein required for G protein signaling in C. elegans.Biological sciencesCaroline Lacoste, Veronique Barthaux, Cecile Iborra, Michael Seagar, Madeleine Erard-Garcia
Medaka unextended-fin mutants suggest a role for Hoxb8a in cell migration and osteoblast differentiation during appendage formation.Biological sciencesHiroshi Hori, Sae Sakaguchi, Yuki Nakatani, Naofumi Takamatsu, Atsushi Kawakami, Keiji Inohaya, Akira Kudo
Med-type GATA factors and the evolution of mesendoderm specification in nematodes.Biological sciencesCristian Coroian, Gina Broitman-Maduro, Morris F. Maduro
Meiotic resumption in response to luteinizing hormone is independent of a Gi family G protein or calcium in the mouse oocyte.Biological sciencesLaurinda A. Jaffe, Erik L. Hewlett, Lisa M. Mehlmann, Rebecca R. Kalinowski, Lavinia F. Ross, Albert F. Parlow
Mesodermal and neuronal retinoids regulate the induction and maintenance of limb innervating spinal motor neurons.Biological sciencesShanthini Sockanathan, Karin Schuster-Gossler, Achim Gossler, Sheng-Jian Ji, BinQuan Zhuang, Crystal Falco, Andre Schneider
Microarray analysis of PDGFR alpha + populations in ES cell differentiation culture identifies genes involved in differentiation of mesoderm and mesenchyme including ARID3b that is essential for development of embryonic mesenchymal cells.(platelet-derived growth factor)Biological sciencesShin-Ichi Nishikawa, Mitsuhiro Okada, Lars Martin Jakt, Takumi Era, Atsushi Takebe, Yoshikazu Kuroda
mig-5/Dsh controls cell fate determination and cell migration in C. elegans.Biological sciencesMichael Herman, Mingfu Wu, Timothy Walston, Chaobo Guo, Rui Proenca, Jeff Hardin, Edward Hedgecock
Minor proteins and enzymes of the Drosophila eggshell matrix.Biological sciencesEric Miller, Mazen Fakhouri, Maggie Elalayli, Daniel Sherling, Jacklyn D. Hall, Xutong Sun, Lance Wells, Ellen K. LeMosy
Miranda couples oskar mRNA/Staufen complexes to the bicoid mRNA localization pathway.(gene expression in humans and biochemical process )Biological sciencesUwe Irion, Jan Adams, Daniel St Johnston, Chin-Wen Chang
Misexpression of acetylcholinesterases in the C. elegans pha-2 mutant accompanies ultrastructural defects in pharyngeal muscle cells.Biological sciencesCatarina Morck, Claes Axang, Mattias Goksor, Marc Pilon
Modulation of AP and DV signaling pathways by the homeotic gene Ultrabithorax during haltere development in Drosophila.Biological sciencesJyotsna Dhawan, Prasad Mohit, Kalpana Makhijani, M.B. Madhavi, V. Bharathi, Ashish Lal, Gururaj Sirdesai, V. Ram Reddy, Palaparthi Ramesh, Ramakrishnan Kannan, L.S. Shashidhara
Modulation of the Suppressor of fused protein regulates the Hedgehog signaling pathway in Drosophila embryo and imaginal discs.Biological sciencesAnne Plessis, Francois Dussillol-Godar, Jeanine Brissard-Zahraoui, Bernadette Limbourg-Bouchon, Dominique Boucher, Sylvaine Fouix, Claudie Lamour-Isnard, Denise Busson
Molecular dissection of laminin alpha5 in vivo reveals separable domain-specific roles in embryonic development and kidney function.Biological sciencesYamato Kikkawa, Jeffrey H. Miner
Molecular mapping of developing dorsal horn-enriched genes by microarray and dorsal/ventral subtractive screening.Biological sciencesMei-Zhang Li, Jin-Shan Wang, Dao-Jun Jiang, Chuan-Xi Xiang, Feng-Yang Wang, Kai-Hua Zhang, Philip R. Williams, Zhou-Feng Chen
Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance.Biological sciencesJohn K. Chilton
Molecular mechanisms underlying inner ear patterning defects in kreisler mutants.Biological sciencesDaniel Choo, Jaye Ward, Alisa Reece, Hongwei Dou, Zhengshi Lin, John Greinwald
Mosaic analysis of extended auricle1 (eta1) suggests that a two-way signaling pathway is involved in positioning the blade/sheath boundary in zea mays.Biological sciencesMichael Freeling, Karen S. Osmont, Nasim Sadeghian
Mouse Rab23 regulates hedgehog signaling from smoothened to gli proteins.Biological sciencesKathryn V. Anderson, Jonathan T. Eggenschwiler, Oleg V. Bulgakov, Jian Qin, Tiansen Li
Multiple EGFR ligands participate in guiding migrating border cells.(epidermal growth factor receptor)Biological sciencesTrudi Schupbach, Denise J. Montell, Jocelyn A. McDonald, Elaine M. Pinheiro, Lisa Kadlec
Multiple redundant Wnt signaling components function in two processes during C. elegans vulval development.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesJulie E. Gleason, Elizabeth A. Szyleyko, David M. Eisenmann
MusTRD can regulate postnatal fiber-specific expression.(repeat domain 1?1 gene)Biological sciencesLaura L. Issa, Stephen J. Palmer, Kim L. Guven, Nicole Santucci, Vanessa R.M. Hodgson, Kata Popovic, Josephine E. Joya, Edna C. Hardeman
Mxi1 is essential for neurogenesis in Xenopus and acts by bridging the pan-neural and proneural genes.(max interacting protein 1)Biological sciencesTomas Pieler, Tiemo J. Klisch, Jacob Souopgui, Kathrin Juergens, Barbara Rust, Kristine A. Henningfeld
MyoD, Myf5, and the calcineurin pathway activate the developmental myosin heavy chain genes.Biological sciencesLeslie A. Leinwand, Doris Heidysch Beylkin, David L. Allen
Myogenic regulatory factors Myf5 and Myod function distinctly during craniofacial myogenesis of zebrafish.(myogenic factor 5, myogenic differentiation 1)Biological sciencesHuai-Jen Tsai, Hung-Chieh Lee, Cheng-Yung Lin, Yau-Hung Chen, Rong-Feng Yung, Wei-Ta Chen
NAADP and InsP3 play distinct roles at fertilization in starfish oocytes.Biological sciencesFrancesco Moccia, Gilda A. Nusco, Dmitry Lim, Keiichiro Kyozuka, Luigia Santella
Na+/K+ -ATPase regulates tight junction formation and function during mouse preimplantation development.(sodium ion, potassium ion ATPase)Biological sciencesAndrew J. Watson, Michelle I. Violette, Pavneesh Madan
N-cadherin is required for neural crest remodeling of the cardiac outflow tract.Biological sciencesJonathan A. Epstein, Yang Luo, Frances A. High, Glenn L. Radice
Negative regulation of Egfr/Ras pathway by Ultrabithorax during haltere development in Drosophila.(ultrabithorax in the development of haltere in Drosophila)Biological sciencesRamakrishnan Kannan, L.S. Shashidhara, S.K. Pallavi
Neogenin interacts with RGMa and Netrin-1 to guide axons within the embryonic vertebrate forebrain.(chemical reaction between neogenin and repulsive guidance molecule )Biological sciencesBrian Key, Nicole H. Wilson
Nervous system development of the sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus.Biological sciencesShonan Amemiya, Hiroaki Nakano, Naoyuki Murabe, Yoko Nakajima
N-ethylmaleimide sensitive factor is required for fusion of the C. elegans uterine anchor cell.(biochemical processes in animals )Biological sciencesHediye Nese Cinar, Jaebok Choi, Anna P. Newman, Keri L. Richards
Neural induction in Xenopus requires inhibition of Wnt-?-catenin signaling.Biological sciencesElizabeth Heeg-Truesdell, Carole LaBonne
Neural stem cells and neurogenesis in the adult zebrafish brain: origin, proliferation dynamics, migration and cell fate.Biological sciencesHeiner Grandel, Jan Kaslin, Julia Ganz, Isabell Wenzel, Michael Brand
Neurofascin interactions play a critical role in clustering sodium channels, ankyrinG and ?IV spectrin at peripheral nodes of Ranvier.Biological sciencesGeorge Zanazzi, Darshan Koticha, Patrice Maurel, Noriko Kane-Goldsmith, Sayantani Basak, Joanne Babiarz, James Salzer, Martin Grumet
Neurogenin 3 and the enteroendocrine cell lineage in the adult mouse small intestinal epithelium.Biological sciencesMatthew Bjerknes, Hazel Cheng
Neurotrophin Receptor Homolog (NRH1) proteins regulate mesoderm formation and apoptosis during early Xenopus development.Biological sciencesDunja Knapp, Nigel Messenger, Ahmed Rana, James C. Smith
NFATc1 expression in the developing heart valves is responsive to the RANKL pathway and is required for endocardial expression of cathepsin K.(nuclear factor of activated T-cells)Biological sciencesKatherine E. Yutzey, Alexander W. Lange
Noggin1 and Follistatin-like2 function redundantly to Chordin to antagonize BMP activity.(bone morphogenetic proteins)Biological sciencesBernard Thisse, Christine Thisse, Sophie Dal-Pra, Maximilian Furthauer, Jeanne Van-Celst
Non-equivalence of embryonic and somatic cell nuclei affecting spindle composition in clones.Biological sciencesRita Vassena, Keith E. Latham, Faical Miyara, Zhiming Han, Shaorong Gao
Notch pathway repression by vestigial is required to promote indirect flight muscle differentiation in drosophila melanogaster.Biological sciencesF. Bernard, A. Dutriaux, J. Silber, A. Lalouette
Notch signaling is required for normal prostatic epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation.Biological sciencesFrederic J. de Sauvage, Freddy Radtke, Xi-De Wang, Ching Ching Leow, Jiping Zha, Zhijun Tang, Zora Modrusan, Michel Aguet
Notch signaling regulates midline cell specification and proliferation in zebrafish.Biological sciencesAndrew J. Latimer, Bruce Appel
Novel gain-of-function alleles demonstrate a role for the heterochronic gene lin-41 in C. elegans male tail tip morphogenesis.Biological sciencesTania Del Rio-Albrechtsen, Karin Kiontke, Shu-Yi Chiou, David H.A. Fitch
Novel heterochronic functions of the Caenorhabditis elegans period-related protein LIN-42.Biological sciencesAnn E. Rougvie, Jason M. Tennessen, Heather F. Gardner, Mandy L. Volk
Novel regulators revealed by profiling Drosophila testis stem cells within their niche.Biological sciencesStephen DiNardo, Erika Matunis, Natalie A. Terry, Natalia Tulina
NT-3 and CNTF exert dose-dependent, pleiotropic effects on cells in the immature dorsal root ganglion: Neuregulin-mediated proliferation of progenitor cells and neuronal differentiation.Biological sciencesSharon J. Hapner, Katherine M. Nielsen, Marta Chaverra, Raymond M. Esper, Jeffrey A. Loeb, Frances Lefcort
Nuclear and chromatin reorganization in the MHC-Oct3/4 locus at developmental phases of embryonic stem cell differentiation.Biological sciencesMitsuyoshi Nakao, Takaya Ichimura, Hitoshi Niwa, Takahiro Aoto, Noriko Saitoh
Nucleoporins NPP-1, NPP-3, NPP-4, NPP-11 and NPP-13 are required for proper spindle orientation in C. elegans.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesKenneth Kemphues, Peter Askjaer, Fabio Piano, Aaron Schetter, Iain Mattaj
Nucleosome regulator Xhmgb3 is required for cell proliferation of the eye and brain as a downstream target of Xenopus rax/Rx1.Biological sciencesNaoto Ueno, Takahisa Furukawa, Koji Terada, Atsushi Kitayama, Takashi Kanamoto
Olig2-positive progenitors in the embryonic spinal cord give rise not only to motoneurons and oligodendrocytes, but also to a subset of astrocytes and ependymal cells.Biological sciencesArturo Alvarez-Buylla, Miki Furusho, Katsuhiko Ono, Hirohide Takebayashi, Noritaka Masahira, Kazuhiro Ikenaka, Keisuke Watanabe, Lei Ding, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Yo-ichi Nabeshima, Keiji Shimizu
Oncopeltus fasciatus zen is essential for serosal tissue function in katatrepsis.Biological sciencesMichael Akam, Thomas C. Kaufman, Kristen A. Panfilio, Paul Z. Liu
On the role of glypicans in the process of morphogen gradient formation.Biological sciencesStephen M. Cohen, Boris I. Shraiman, Lars Hufnagel, Johan Kreuger
Oocyte and egg organization in the patellogastropod lottia and its bearing on axial specification during early embryogenesis.Biological sciencesGary Freeman
Oocyte-secreted factors enhance oocyte developmental competence.(oocyte competence in mammals )Biological sciencesTamer S. Hussein, Jeremy G. Thompson, Robert B. Gilchrist
Oogenesis: single cell development and differentiation.Biological sciencesJulian L. Wong, Gary M. Wessel, Jia L. Song
Opsins and clusters of sensory G-protein-coupled receptors in the sea urchin genome.Biological sciencesDetlev Arendt, Kristin Tessmar-Raible, Maria I. Arnone, Florian Raible, Enrique Arboleda, Tobias Kaller, Peer Bork
Optic cup and lens development requires Pax6 expression in the early optic vesicle during a narrow time window.Biological sciencesM. Valeria Canto-Soler, Ruben Adler
Overgrowth caused by misexpression of a microRNA with dispensable wild-type function.(ribo nucleic acid)Biological sciencesErnst Hafen, Felix Rintelen, Knud Nairz, Carmen Rottig, Evgeny Zdobnov, Martin Moser
Overlapping expression of FoxA and Zic confers responsiveness to FGF signaling to specify notochord in ascidian embryos.(fibroblast growth factor )Biological sciencesHiroki Nishida, Gaku Kumano, Satoshi Yamaguchi
p57 and Hes1 coordinate cell cycle exit with self-renewal of pancreatic progenitors.Biological sciencesMin Li, Senta Georgia, Rosemary Soliz, Pumin Zhang, Anil Bhushan
Patterning of the third pharyngeal pouch into thymus/parathyroid by Six and Eya1.Biological sciencesDan Zou, Derek Silvius, Pin-Xian Xu, Julie Davenport, Raphaelle Grifone, Pascal Maire
Pax6 is regulated by Meis and Pbx homeoproteins during pancreatic development.(paired box gene 6, myeloid ecotropic viral integration site 1 )Biological sciencesAndrea Brendolan, Xin Zhang, Licia Selleri, Sheldon Rowan, Yingzi Yue, Shaun Heaney, Yi Pana, Richard L. Maas
Pax6 is required for delta-catenin/neurojugin expression during retinal, cerebellar and cortical development in mice.(paired box gene 6 )Biological sciencesRobert-Hugues Duparc, Djamila Boutemmine, Marie-Pier Champagne, Nicolas Tetreault, Gilbert Bernier
PCNS: a novel protocadherin required for cranial neural crest migration and somite morphogenesis in xenopus.Biological sciencesJanaki Rangarajan, Ting Luo, Thomas D. Sargent
PEPPER, a novel K-homology domain gene, regulates vegetative and gynoecium development in Arabidopsis.Biological sciencesJuan Jose Ripoll, Cristina Ferrandiz, Antonio Martinez-Laborda, Antonio Vera
Pitx2 regulates cardiac lefturight asymmetry by patterning second cardiac lineage-derived myocardium.(pitx2 in secondary heart field controlling )Biological sciencesWei Liu, Di Ai, Michael P. Verzi, Philip J. Gage
Planar polarization of the denticle field in the drosophila embryo: roles for myosin II (Zipper) and fringe.(embryo development in drosophila and biochemical impacts )Biological sciencesStephen DiNardo, James W. Walters, Stacie A. Dilks
Plant microRNA: a small regulatory molecule with big impact.(ribonucleic acid)Biological sciencesBaohong Zhang, Xiaoping Pan, George P. Cobb, Todd A. Anderson
Pollen-specific pectin methylesterase involved in pollen tube growth.Biological sciencesVitaly Citovsky, Guo-Wei Tian, Min-Huei Chen, Adi Zaltsman
Polycomb Group mutants exhibit mitotic defects in syncytial cell cycles of Drosophila embryos.Biological sciencesHugh W. Brock, Ester O'Dor, Samantha A. Beck
Position and time specify the migration of a pioneering population of olfactory bulb interneurons.Biological sciencesFranck Polleux, Eric S. Tucker, Anthony-Samuel LaMantia
Possible role of mouse poly(A) polymerase mGLD-2 during oocyte maturation.Biological sciencesHiromi Watanabe, Tomoko Nakanishi, Haruka Kubota, Naoko Ishibashi, Satoshi Kumagai, Misuzu Yamashita, Shin-ichi Kashiwabara, Kenji Miyado, Tadashi Baba
Post-implantation mouse conceptuses produce paracrine signals that regulate the uterine endometrium undergoing decidualization.Biological sciencesJames C. Cross, Brent M. Bany
Postnatal regulation of germ cells by activin: The establishment of the initial follicle pool.Biological sciencesRobert W. Cook, Sarah K. Bristol-Gould, Pamela K. Kreeger, Christina G. Selkirk, Signe M. Kilen, Jingjing L. Kipp, Lonnie D. Shea, Kelly E. Mayo, Teresa K. Woodruff
Preferential posterior cerebellum defect in BETA2/NeuroD1 knockout mice is the result of differential expression of BETA2/NeuroD1 along anterior-posterior axis.(neurogenic differentiation 1)Biological sciencesMing-Jer Tsai, Jang-Hyeon Cho
Progeny of germ line knockouts of ASI2, a gene encoding a putative signal transduction receptor in Tetrahymena thermophila, fail to make the transition from sexual reproduction to vegetative growth.Biological sciencesEric S. Cole, Shuqiang Li, Lihui Yin, Rupa A. Udani, Kathleen M. Karrer
Proneural gene requirement for hair cell differentiation in the zebrafish lateral line.Biological sciencesAlain Ghysen, Andres F. Sarrazin, Eduardo J. Villablanca, Viviana A. Nunez, Pablo C. Sandoval, Miguel L. Allende
Protein tyrosine and serine-threonine phosphatases in the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus: identification and potential functions.Biological sciencesA.J. Robertson, C.A. Byrum, K.D. Walton, S. Carbonneau, R.T. Thomason, J.A. Coffman, D.R. McClay
PTEN is required for the normal progression of gastrulation by repressing cell proliferation after MBT in Xenopus embryos.(cell proliferation in mammals and bio chemical processes )Biological sciencesShuichi Ueno, Rinco Kono, Yasuhiro Iwao
PTH/PTHrP receptor delays chondrocyte hypertrophy via both Runx2-dependent and -independent pathways.Biological sciencesGerard Karsenty, Jun Guo, Henry M. Kronenberg, Ung-Il Chung, Dehong Yang, F. Richard Bringhurst
PTHrP induces changes in cell cytoskeleton and E-cadherin and regulates Eph/Ephrin kinases and RhoGTPases in murine secondary trophoblast cells.(parathyroid hormone-related protein)Biological sciencesAhmed H.K. El-Hashash, Susan J. Kimber
Quantitative analysis of germline mitosis in adult C. elegans.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesE. Jane Albert Hubbard, Bud Mishra, John Maciejowski, Nadia Ugel, Marco Isopi
Rab11-FIP4 is predominantly expressed in neural tissues and involved in proliferation as well as in differentiation during zebrafish retinal development.(family interacting protein)Biological sciencesAkihiko Muto, Ken-ichi Arai, Sumiko Watanabe
Rac function in epithelial tube morphogenesis.Biological sciencesCarolyn Pirraglia, Rakhi Jattani, Monn Monn Myat
Ras signaling is essential for lens cell proliferation and lens growth during development.Biological sciencesPaul A. Overbeek, Leike Xie, Lixing W. Reneker
Reduced fertility of female mice lacking CD81.Biological sciencesMichel Prenant, Eric Rubinstein, Shoshana Levy, Claude Boucheix, Ahmed Ziyyat, Edyta Wrobel, Jean-Philippe Wolf, Francois Le Naour
Reduced glutathione levels affect the culmination and cell fate decision in Dictyostelium discoideum.Biological sciencesChang-Hun Lee, Chang-Hoon Choi, Beom-Jun Kim, Sun-Young Jeong, Ji-Sun Kim, Seong-Jun Park, Hyung-Soon Yim, Sa-Ouk Kang
Regulated expression of FLRT genes implies a functional role in the regulation of FGF signalling during mouse development.(fibronectin leucine rich repeat transmembrane )Biological sciencesJohn K. Heath, Peter W.J. Rigby, Dennis Summerbell, Bryan P. Haines, Lee M. Wheldon
Regulation of Ci and Su(fu) nuclear import in Drosophila.Biological sciencesRobert A. Holmgren, Barbara E. Sisson
Regulation of Drosophila Friend of GATA gene, u-shaped, during hematopoiesis: a direct role for Serpent and Lozenge.Biological sciencesSelen Muratoglu, Betsy Garratt, Kristy Hyman, Kathleen Gajewski, Robert A. Schulz, Nancy Fossett
Regulation of expression of Vg and establishment of the dorsoventral compartment boundary in the wing imaginal disc by suppressor of Hairless.Biological sciencesStefan Koelzer, Thomas Klein
Regulation of neuronal lineage decisions by the HES-related bHLH protein REF-1.Biological sciencesPiali Sengupta, Anne Lanjuin, Julia Claggett, Mayumi Shibuya, Craig P. Hunter
Regulation of the Drosophila transcription factor, Cubitus interruptus, by two conserved domains.Biological sciencesJennifer A. Croker, Suzanne L. Ziegenhorn, Robert A. Holmgren
Regulation of the retinal determination gene dachshund in the embryonic head and developing eye of Drosophila.Biological sciencesJustin P. Kumar, Jason Anderson, Claire L. Salzer
Requirement for ADAMTS-1 in extracellular matrix remodeling during ovarian folliculogenesis and lymphangiogenesis.(ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 1)Biological sciencesMelanie Pritchard, Hannah M. Brown, Kylie R. Dunning, Rebecca L. Robker, Darryl L. Russell
Retinal stem/progenitor properties of iris pigment epithelial cells.Biological sciencesHiroshi Ohta, Guangwei Sun, Maki Asami, Jun Kosaka, Mitsuko Kosaka
Retinoic acid activates myogenesis in vivo through Fgf8 signalling.Biological sciencesLaure Bally-Cuif, Florence Sabatier, Xavier Cousin, Aline Hamade, Marianne Deries, Gerrit Begemann, Carine Genet, Anne Bonnieu
Retinoic acid induces neurite outgrowth and growth cone turning in invertebrate neurons.Biological sciencesJennifer M. Dmetrichuk, Robert L. Carlone, Gaynor E. Spencer
Retinoic acid regulates morphogenesis and patterning of posterior foregut derivatives.Biological sciencesPascal Dolle, Zengxin Wang, Wellington V. Cardoso, Karen Niederreither
Retinoic acid signaling is essential for formation of the heart tube in Xenopus.Biological sciencesRoshantha A.S. Chandraratna, Thomas A. Drysdale, Andrew H. Collop, Joel A.S. Broomfield, Zhao Yong, Steven J. Deimling, Sandra J. Kolker, Daniel L. Weeks
Retroviral misexpression of cVax disturbs retinal ganglion cell axon fasciculation and intraretinal pathfinding in vivo and guidance of nasal ganglion cell axons in vitro.Biological sciencesThomas W. Muhleisen, Zsuzsa Agoston, Dorothea Schulte
Reverse genetic analysis of neurogenesis in the zebrafish retina.Biological sciencesBernard Thisse, Christine Thisse, Zac Pujic, Yoshihiro Omor, Motokazu Tsujikawa, Jarema Malicki
RhoA regulates initiation of invagination, but not convergent extension, during sea urchin gastrulation.Biological sciencesWendy S. Beane, Jeffrey M. Gross, David R. McClay
Role of fibroblast growth factor receptors 1 and 2 in the metanephric mesenchyme.Biological sciencesDeepali Pitre Poladia, Kayle Kish, Benjamin Kutay, David Hains, Heather Kegg, Haotian Zhao, Carlton M. Bates
Role of PKA as a negative regulator of PCP signaling pathway during Xenopus gastrulation movements.(protein kinase, planar cell polarity signalling)Biological sciencesEunjoo Park, Gun-Hwa Kim, Sun-Cheol Choi, Jin-Kwan Han
Role of Sox2 in the development of the mouse neocortex.Biological sciencesMahmud Bani-Yaghoub, Roger G. Tremblay, Joy X. Lei, Dongling Zhang, Bogdan Zurakowski, Jagdeep K. Sandhu, Brandon Smith, Maria Ribecco-Lutkiewicz, Jessica Kennedy, P. Roy Walker, Marianna Sikorska
Roles of organizer factors and BMP antagonism in mammalian forebrain establishment.(morphogenetic protein antagonisms in mammal organ development)Biological sciencesJohn Klingensmith, Yu-Ping Yang
RTK and TGF-b signaling pathways genes in the sea urchin genome.(receptor tyrosine kinase, transforming growth factor)Biological sciencesShu-Yu Wu, Louise Duloquin, Francois Lapraz, Eric Rottinger, Veronique Duboc, Ryan Range, Katherine Walton, Cynthia Bradham, Mariano A. Loza, Taku Hibino
Satellite-cell pool size does matter: defining the myogenic potency of aging skeletal muscle.Biological sciencesZipora Yablonka-Reuveni, Gabi Shefer, Daniel P. Van De Mark, Joshua B. Richardson
Scleraxis positively regulates the expression of tenomodulin, a differentiation marker of tenocytes.Biological sciencesChisa Shukunami, Aki Takimoto, Miwa Oro, Yuji Hiraki
Scube2 mediates Hedgehog signalling in the zebrafish embryo.Biological sciencesGeorgina E. Hollway, John Maule, Philippe Gautier, Timothy M. Evans, Claudia Lohs, Danielle Fischer, Carol Wicking, Peter D. Currie
scylla and charybde, homologues of the human apoptotic gene RTP801, are required for head involution in Drosophila.Biological sciencesAnne Scuderi, Karl Simin, Sandra G. Kazuko, James E. Metherall, Anthea Letsou
Sea urchin forkhead gene family: phylogeny and embryonic expression.Biological sciencesPaola Oliveri, Qiang Tua, C. Titus Browna, Eric H. Davidsona
Sea urchin metalloproteases: a genomic survey of the BMP-1/tolloid-like, MMP and ADAM families.Biological sciencesLynne Angerer, Sofia Hussain, Zheng Wei, Brian T. Livingston
Sem-4/spalt and egl-17/FGF have a conserved role in sex myoblast specification and migration in P. pacificus and C. elegans.(sex myoblast gene, fibroblast growth factor)Biological sciencesRalf J. Sommer, Andreas Photos, Arturo Gutierrez
Semaphorin3D regulates invasion of cardiac neural crest cells into the primary heart field.Biological sciencesMariko Sato, Huai-Jen Tsai, H. Joseph Yost
Separate Na,K-ATPase genes are required for otolith formation and semicircular canal development in zebrafish.Biological sciencesJ. David Dickman, Melissa A. Vollrath, Brian Blasiole, Victor A. Canfield, David Huss, Manzoor-Ali P.K. Mohideen, Keith C. Cheng, Donna M. Fekete, Robert Levenson
Separate pathways of RNA recruitment lead to the compartmentalization of the zebrafish germ plasm.(ribonucleic acid)Biological sciencesElizabeth V. Theusch, Kimberly J. Brown, Francisco Pelegri
SER-1, a Caenorhabditis elegans 5-HT(sub 2)-like receptor, and a multi-PDZ domain containing protein (MPZ-1) interact in vulval muscle to facilitate serotonin-stimulated egg-laying.Biological sciencesHong Xiao, Vera M.Hapiak, Katherine A. Smith, Li Lin, Robert J. Hobson, John Plenefisch, Richard Komuniecki
Shedding genomic light on Aristotle's lantern.Biological sciencesYufeng Shen, Erica Sodergren, Xingzhi Song, Lan Zhang, Richard A. Gibbs, George M. Weinstock
Single-cell mapping of neural and glial gene expression in the developing Drosophila CNS midline cells.(central nervous system)Biological sciencesScott R. Wheeler, Joseph B. Kearney, Amaris R. Guardiola, Stephen T. Crews
Slit coordinates cardiac morphogenesis in Drosophila.Biological sciencesAllison MacMullin, J. Roger Jacobs
Smurf1 regulates neural patterning and folding in Xenopus embryos by antagonizing the BMP/Smad1 pathway.(SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)Biological sciencesGerald H. Thomsen, Evguenia M. Alexandrova
Sohlh1 is essential for spermatogonial differentiation.Biological sciencesD. Ballow, M.L. Meistrich, M. Matzuk, A. Rajkovic
Soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) is indispensable for sperm function and fertilization.Biological sciencesFang Xie, Manuel A. Garcia, Anne E. Carlson, Sonya M. Schuh, Donner F. Babcock, Bijay S. Jaiswal
Solving an enigma: arterial pole development in the zebrafish heart.Biological sciencesHarriett A. Stadt, Margaret L. Kirby, Adrian C. Grimes, Iain T. Shepherd
Sox17 influences the differentiation of respiratory epithelial cells.Biological sciencesSusan E. Wert, Jeffrey A. Whitsett, Kwon-Sik Park, James M. Wells, Aaron M. Zorn
Sox9 is required for notochord maintenance in mice.Biological sciencesMakoto M. Taketo, Andreas Kispert, Francisco Barrionuevo, Gerd Scherer
Spatiotemporal characterization of short versus long duration calcium transients in embryonic muscle and their role in myofibrillogenesis.Biological sciencesNolan R. Campbell, Sireesha P. Podugu, Michael B. Ferrari
Specification of neural precursor identity in the geophilomorph centipede Strigamia maritime.Biological sciencesAriel D. Chipman, Angelika Stollewerk
Sperm capacitation induces an increase in lipid rafts having zona pellucida binding ability and containing sulfogalactosylglycerolipid.Biological sciencesMaroun Bou Khalil, Krittalak Chakrabandhu, Hongbin Xu, Wattana Weerachatyanukul, Mary Buhr, Trish Berge, Euridice Carmona, Ngoc Vuong, Premkumari Kumarathasan, Patrick T.T. Wong, Danielle Carrier, Nongnuj Tanphaichitr
Sperm protein oDEo mediates gamete fusion through an evolutionarily conserved site of the CRISP family .(egg fertilization process mammals )Biological sciencesDiego A. Ellerman, Debora J. Cohen, Vanina G. Da Ros, Mauro M. Morgenfeld, Dolores Busso, Patricia S. Cuasnicu
Sphingosine-1-phosphate inhibits cell migration and endothelial to mesenchymal cell transformation during cardiac development.Biological sciencesChristopher C. Wendler, Scott A. Rivkees
Spook and Spookier code for stage-specific components of the ecdysone biosynthetic pathway in Diptera.Biological sciencesAnna Petryk, Mary Jane Shimell, Hajime Ono, Kim F. Rewitz, Tetsuro Shinoda, Kyo Itoyama, Robert Rybczynski, Michael Jarcho, James T. Warren, Guillermo Marques
SSEA-1 marks regionally restricted immature subpopulations of embryonic retinal progenitor cells that are regulated by the Wnt signaling pathway.(stage-specific embryonic antigen-1)Biological sciencesYutaka Aoki, Ken-ichi Arai, Sumiko Watanabe, Hideto Koso, Yasuo Ouchi, Yoko Tabata, Shinya Satoh
Stage-specific importin13 activity influences meiosis of germ cells in the mouse.(germ cell development in house mouse )Biological sciencesSatomi S. Tanaka, Patrick P.L. Tam, Yasuhisa Matsui, Yasuka L. Yamaguchi, Kunio Yasuda
STAT3-dependent pathfinding and control of axonal branching and target selection.(signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 protein)Biological sciencesGreg Conway
Stereospecificity and PAX6 function direct Hoxd4 neural enhancer activity along the antero-posterior axis.Biological sciencesFeng Zhang, Richard Maas, Christof Nolte, Mojgan Rastegar, Angel Amores, Maxime Bouchard, David Grote, Erzsebet Nagy Kovacs, John Postlethwait, Isabel Rambaldi, Sheldon Rowan, Yi-Lin Yan, Mark Featherstone
Successful ovulation in plasminogen-deficient mice treated with the broad-spectrum matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor galardin.Biological sciencesGoran Leonardsson, Leif R. Lund, Annelii Ny, Kui Liu, Patrik Wahlberg, Anna-Carin Hagglund, Ida Boden, Carin Wibom, Tor Ny
Synergistic interaction between Gdf1 and Nodal during anterior axis development .(growth and differentiation factor 1)Biological sciencesEva Reissmann, Henrik Jornvall, Olov Andersson, Carlos F. Ibanez
Systematic analysis of embryonic expression profiles of zinc finger genes in Ciona intestinalis.Biological sciencesNori Satoh, Yutaka Satou, Kyoko Miwata, Takuto Chiba, Reiko Horii, Lixy Yamada, Atsushi Kubo, Daisuke Miyamura
TAp63? induces AP-2? as an early event in epidermal morphogenesis.Biological sciencesTrevor Williams, Dennis R. Roop, Soeun Kim, Maranke I. Koster, Jian Huang
Targeted disruption of the DM domain containing transcription factor Dmrt2 reveals an essential role in somite patterning.(doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 2)Biological sciencesRandy L. Johnson, Kwang Won Seo, Yingdi Wang, Hiroki Kokubo, Jae R. Kettlewell, David A. Zarkower
Tbx5-dependent rheostatic control of cardiac gene expression and morphogenesis.(inherited heart diseases)Biological sciencesJ.G. Seidman, Christine E. Seidman, Benoit G. Bruneau, Alessandro D. Mori, Ilyas Vahora, Brian Nieman, Kazuko Koshiba-Takeuchi, Lorinda Davidson, Anne Pizard, Yonghong Zhu, X. Josette Chen, R. Mark Henkelman
Tcf- and Vent-binding sites regulate geminin expression in the gastrula embryo.Biological sciencesKristen L. Kroll, Jennifer J. Taylor, Ting Wang
Temporal and spatial action of tolloid (mini fin) and chordin to pattern tail tissues.Biological sciencesStephanie A. Connors, Jennifer A. Tucker, Mary C. Mullins
Temporal identity transition in the avian cerebellar rhombic lip.(rhombic lip development in birds)Biological sciencesLeigh J. Wilson, Richard J.T. Wingate
Temporal regulation of late expression of Bar homeobox genes during Drosophila leg development by Spineless, a homolog of the mammalian dioxin receptor.Biological sciencesShintaro Kozu, Reiko Tajiri, Takuya Tsuji, Tatsuo Michiue, Kaoru Saigo, Tetsuya Kojima
Teneurins: a conserved family of transmembrane proteins involved in intercellular signaling during development.Biological sciencesR.P. Tucker, Chiquet-Ehrismann
Tes regulates neural crest migration and axial elongation in Xenopus.Biological sciencesKevin S. Dingwell, J.C. Smith
Tgfbr2 regulates the maintenance of boundaries in the axial skeleton.(axial skeleton development and receptors)Biological sciencesMichael O. Baffi, Molly A. Moran, Rosa Serra
The 5? UTR and 3? UTR of the sperm mitochondria-associated cysteine-rich protein mRNA regulate translation in spermatids by multiple mechanisms in transgenic mice.Biological sciencesSabrina K. Hawthorne, Rakhee R. Busanelli, Kenneth C. Kleene
The adaptor protein X11L?/Dmint1 interacts with the PDZ-binding domain of the cell recognition protein Rst in Drosophila.Biological sciencesJorg Betschinger, Smitha Vishnu, Alexander Hertenstein, Jurgen A. Knoblich, H. Gert de Couet, Karl-Friedrich Fischbach
The AP-1 transcription factor regulates postnatal mammary gland development.Biological sciencesEdward J. Gunther, Lewis A. Chodosh, Chunhua Lu, Qiang Shen, Yun Zhang, Ivan P. Uray, Jamal L. Hill, Hee-Tae Kim, Matthew R. Young, Susan G. Hilsenbeck, Nancy H. Colburn, Powel H. Brown
The BMP antagonist Noggin promotes cranial and spinal neurulation by distinct mechanisms.Biological sciencesJohn Klingensmith, Rolf W. Stottmann, Mark Berrong, Karen Matta, Murim Choi
The bZip proteins CES-2 and ATF-2 alter the timing of transcription for a cell-specific target gene in C. elegans.(basic leucine zipper, Caenorhabditis elegans )Biological sciencesXiaodong Wang, Hongtao Jia, Helen M. Chamberlin
The C2H2 zinc finger genes of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus and their expression in embryonic development.Biological sciencesEric H. Davidson, Meredith Howard-Ashby, Stefan C. Materna, Rachel F. Gray
The Caenorhabditis elegans AHR-1 transcription complex controls expression of soluble guanylate cyclase genes in the URX neurons and regulates aggregation behavior.Biological sciencesHongtao Qin, Zhiwei Zhai, Jo Anne Powell-Coffman
The canonical Notch/RBP-J signaling pathway controls the balance of cell lineages in mammary epithelium during pregnancy.Biological sciencesGertraud W. Robinson, Pamela Stanley, Tasuku Honjo, Kenji Tanigaki, Cyril Martin, Krista D. Buono, Shaolin Shi, Lothar Hennighausen
The caudal-related homeobox genes cdx1a and cdx4 act redundantly to regulate hox gene expression and the formation of putative hematopoietic stem cells during zebrafish embryogenesis.Biological sciencesLeonard I. Zon, Alan J. Davidson
The C. elegans histone deacetylase HDA-1 is required for cell migration and axon pathfinding.Biological sciencesAnna Y. Zinovyeva, Serena M. Graham, Veronica J. Cloud, Wayne C. Forrester
The C. elegans HP1 homologue HPL-2 and the LIN-13 zinc finger protein form a complex implicated in vulval development.(bio-chemical processes in vulval development )Biological sciencesFrancesca Palladino, Sonia Schott, Vincent Coustham, Cecile Bedet, Karine Monier, Marianthi Karali
The chemical defensome: environmental sensing and response genes in the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus genome.Biological sciencesM. Dean, J.V. Goldstone, A. Hamdoun, B.J. Cole, M. Howard-Ashby, D.W. Nebert, M. Scally, D. Epel, M.E. Hahn, J.J. Stegeman
The CNTF/LIF signaling pathway regulates developmental programmed cell death and differentiation of rod precursor cells in the mouse retina in vivo.Biological sciencesClaude Gravel, Jimmy Elliott, Michel Cayouette
The Drosophila Par domain protein I gene, Pdp1, is a regulator of larval growth, mitosis and endoreplication.Biological sciencesKaren L. Reddy, Margritte K. Rovani, Arthur Wohlwill, Alisa Katzen, Robert V. Storti
The echinoderm adhesome.Biological sciencesRichard O. Hynes, Charles A. Whittaker, Karl-Frederik Bergeron, James Whittle, Bruce P. Brandhorst, Robert D. Burke
The enigma of ATCE1, an acrosome-associated transcription factor.Biological sciencesStelzer Gil, Dicken Yosef, Niv Golan, Jeremy Don
The extracellular protein coat of the inner acrosomal membrane is involved in zona pellucida binding and penetration during fertilization: characterization of its most prominent polypeptide (IAM38).(inner acrosomal membrane)Biological sciencesWei Xu, Yang Yu, Young-Joo Yi, Peter Sutovsky, Richard Oko
The fate of mosaic aneuploid embryos during mouse development.Biological sciencesChrister Hoog, Daniel A. Lightfoot, Anna Kouznetsova, Ensaf Mahdy, Johannes Wilbertz
The forkhead transcription factors, Foxc1 and Foxc2, are required for arterial specification and lymphatic sprouting during vascular development.Biological sciencesTsutomu Kume, Antonio Duarte, Seungwoon Seo, Hideo Fujita, Atsushi Nakano, Myengmo Kang
The fringe molecules induce endocrine differentiation in embryonic endoderm by activating cMyt1/cMyt3.Biological sciencesBen Z. Stanger, Jia Zhang, Yanwen Xu, Aizhen Zhao, Guoqiang Gu
The function of a Drosophila glypican does not depend entirely on heparan sulfate modification.Biological sciencesCatherine A. Kirkpatrick, Sarah M. Knox, William D. Staatz, Bethany Fox, Daniel M. Lercher, Scott B. Selleck
The genomic repertoire for cell cycle control and DNA metabolism in S. purpuratus.Biological sciencesWilliam F. Marzluff, Cynthia Bradham, Julia Morales, Antonio Fernandez-Guerra, Antoine Aze, Odile Mulner-Lorillon, Bertrand Cosson, Patrick Cormier, Nikki Adams, Anthony J. Robertson
The genomic underpinnings of apoptosis in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.Biological sciencesDavid R. McClay, Ekaterina Voronina, James A. Coffman, Anthony J. Robertson, Jenifer Croce, Seth Carbonneau, Esther Miranda
The hedgehog-related gene wrt-5 is essential for hypodermal development in Caenorhabditis elegans.(warthog gene)Biological sciencesThomas R. Burglin, Limin Hao, Gudrun Aspock
The histidine kinase homologue DhkK/Sombrero controls morphogenesis in Dictyostelium.Biological sciencesSatoshi Sawai, Peter A. Thomason, Edward C. Cox, Jeffry B. Stock
The immune gene repertoire encoded in the purple sea urchin genome.Biological sciencesTaku Hibino, Mariano Loza-Coll, Cynthia Messier, Audrey J. Majeske, Avis H. Cohen, David P. Terwilliger, Katherine M. Buckley, Virginia Brockton, Sham V. Nair, Kevin Berney
The KASH domain protein MSP-300 plays an essential role in nuclear anchoring during Drosophila oogenesis.Biological sciencesMin Han, Tian Xu, Susan M. Parkhurst, Daniel A. Starr, Juehua Yu, Xiaohui Wu, Yuan Zhuang, Rener Xu
The mouse forkhead gene Foxc1 is required for primordial germ cell migration and antral follicle development.(forkhead gene 1)Biological sciencesBrigid L.M. Hogan, Tsutomu Kume, Deidre Mattiske
The mouse Ovol2 gene is required for cranial neural tube development.Biological sciencesXing Dai, Douglas R. Mackay, Ming Hu, Baoan Li, Catherine Rheaume
The presumptive floor plate (notoplate) induces behaviors associated with convergent extension in medial but not lateral neural plate cells of Xenopus.Biological sciencesRay Keller, Paul Skoglund, Akouavi M. Ezin
The RNA-binding protein, Vg1RBP, is required for pancreatic fate specification.(vegetal localization element RNA binding protein)Biological sciencesAli H. Brivanlou, Francesca M. Spagnoli
The role of activin in neuropeptide induction and pain sensation.Biological sciencesAlison K. Hall, Pin Xu
The role of floor plate contact in the elaboration of contralateral commissural projections within the embryonic mouse spinal cord.Biological sciencesFujio Murakami, Stephanie R. Kadison, Michael P. Matise, Zaven Kaprielian
The role of megalin (LRP-2/Gp330) during development.(megalin (LRP-2/GP330) in zebrafish organic development)Biological sciencesCarolyn E. Fisher, Sarah E.M. Howiea
The role of the laminin beta subunit in laminin heterotrimer assembly and basement membrane function and development in C. elegans.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesEdward M. Hedgecock, Gautam Kao, Cheng-chen Huang, David H. Hall, William G. Wadsworth
The roles of nitric oxide in murine cardiovascular development.Biological sciencesAnjali K. Nath, Joseph A. Madri
The roles of wingless and decapentaplegic in axis and appendage development in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum.Biological sciencesKaren A. Ober, Elizabeth L. Jockusch
The sea urchin histone gene complement.Biological sciencesWilliam F. Marzluff, Sameer Sakallah, Hemant Kelkar
The sea urchin kinome: a first look.Biological sciencesArcady Mushegian, Wendy S. Beane, Francesca Rizzo, Maria I. Arnone, Cynthia A. Bradham, Kathy R. Foltz, James A. Coffman, Manisha Goel, Julia Morales, Anne-Marie Geneviere
The sea urchin's siren.Biological sciencesThoru Pederson
The Sm proteins regulate germ cell specification during early C. elegans embryogenesis.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesScott A. Barbee, Thomas C. Evans
The S. purpuratus genome: a comparative perspective.Biological sciencesStefan C. Materna, R. Andrew Cameron, Kevin Berney
The stabilization of (beta)-catenin leads to impaired primordial germ cell development via aberrant cell cycle progression.Biological sciencesMakoto M. Taketo, Toru Nakano, Tohru Kimura, Toshinobu Nakamura, Kazushige Murayama, Hiroki Umehara, Noriko Yamano, Shoko Watanabe
The sympathoadrenal cell lineage: specification, diversification, and new perspectives.Biological sciencesKatrin Huber
The T-box factor TBX-2 and the SUMO conjugating enzyme UBC-9 are required for ABa-derived pharyngeal muscle in C. elegans.Biological sciencesAlison Woollard, Peter G. Okkema, Sinchita Roy Chowdhuri, Tanyacrum, Sobia Aslam
The toll immune-regulated drosophila protein fondue is involved in hemolymph clotting and puparium formation.Biological sciencesBruno Lemaitre, Christoph Scherfer, Mousumi R. Qazi, Kuniaki Takahashi, Ryu Ueda, Mitchell S. Dushay, Ulrich Theopold
The vertebrate spalt genes in development and disease.Biological sciencesDylan Sweetman, Andrea Mnsterberg
The Xdsg protein in presumptive primordial germ cells (pPGCs) is essential to their differentiation into PGCs in Xenopus.Biological sciencesKohji Ikenishi, Fumiko Nishiumi, Tohru Komiya
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 3 regulates extracellular matrix-cell signaling during bronchiole branching morphogenesis.Biological sciencesSean E. Gill, M. Cynthia Pape, Kevin J. Leco
Transcriptional activation by extradenticle in the Drosophila visceral mesoderm.Biological sciencesPhilip A. Beachy, Mark A. Mortin, Brian G. Stultz, Deborah A. Hursh, Donald G. Jackson, Xiang Yang
Transcriptional profiling of mouse and human ES cells identifies SLAIN1, a novel stem cell gene.Biological sciencesTim Thomas, Anne K. Voss, Claire E. Hirst, Elizabeth S. Ng, Lisa Azzola, Edouard G. Stanley, Andrew G. Elefanty
Transcriptional regulation of post-aggregation genes in Dictyostelium by a feed-forward loop involving GBF and LagC.Biological sciencesWilliam F. Loomis, Negin Iranfar, Danny Fuller
Translational control genes in the sea urchin genome.Biological sciencesWendy S. Beane, Cynthia A. Bradham, Julia Morales, Odile Mulner-Lorillon, Bertrand Cosson, Patrick Cormier, Emmanuelle Morin, Robert Belle
Translational repression restricts expression of the C. elegans Nanos homolog NOS-2 to the embryonic germline.Biological sciencesKuppuswamy Subramaniam, Geraldine Seydoux, Ingrid D'Agostino, Chris Merritt, Pei-Lung Chen
Transmission of modified nucleosomes from the mouse male germline to the zygote and subsequent remodeling of paternal chromatin.Biological sciencesG.W. van der Heijden, A.A.H.A. Derijck, L. Ramos, M. Giele, J. van der Vlag, P. de Boer
TrkB/BDNF signaling regulates photoreceptor progenitor cell fate decisions.(Trk receptor tyrosine kinase, brain-derived neurotrophic factor)Biological sciencesBarbara L. Hempstead, Brian A. Turner, Janet Sparrow, Bolin Cai, Julie Monroe, Takashi Mikawa
Trophoblast cells exhibit differential responses to laminin isoforms.Biological sciencesErin J. Klaffky, Isabel M. Gonzales, Ann E. Sutherland
Twisted gastrulation is required for forebrain specification and cooperates with chordin to inhibit BMP signaling during X. tropicalis gastrulation.(Xenopus tropicalis)Biological sciencesRichard M. Harland, Andrea Wills, Mustafa K. Khokha
Unique and redundant functions of C. elegans HP1 proteins in post-embryonic development.(Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesFrancesca Palladino, Sonia Schott, Vincent Coustham, Thomas Simonet, Cecile Bedet
Unraveling cis-regulatory mechanisms at the abdominal-A and Abdominal-B genes in the Drosophila bithorax complex.Biological sciencesOmar S. Akbari, Adam Bousum, Esther Bae, Robert A. Drewell
Vascular endothelial growth factor-B (VEGFB) stimulates neurogenesis: evidence from knockout mice and growth factor administration.Biological sciencesKunlin Jin, Yunjuan Sun, Jocelyn T. Childs, Lin Xie, Xiao Ou Mao, David A. Greenberg
VCAM-1 inhibits TGF(beta) stimulated epithelial-mesenchymal transformation by modulating Rho activity and stabilizing intercellular adhesion in epicardial mesothelial cells.(vascular cell adhesion molecule)Biological sciencesDanijela Dokic, Robert W. Dettman
VEGF-A signaling through Flk-1 is a critical facilitator of early embryonic lung epithelial to endothelial crosstalk and branching morphogenesis.(Vascular endothelial growth factor-A, Fetal liver kinase-1 )Biological sciencesDavid Warburton, Eli Keshet, Wei Shi, Frederic G. Sala, Saverio Bellusci, Pierre-Marie Del Moral, Denise Tefft
Wdr5, a WD-40 protein, regulates osteoblast differentiation during embryonic bone development.Biological sciencesMarie B. Demay, Francesca Gori, Lauren G. Friedman
Wnt-4 signaling is involved in the control of smooth muscle cell fate via Bmp-4 in the medullary stroma of the developing kidney.Biological sciencesPetri Itaranta, Lijun Chi, Tiina Seppanen, Mikael Niku, Juha Tuukkanen, Hellevi Peltoketo, Seppo Vainio
WNT/beta-catenin pathway up-regulates Stat3 and converges on LIF to prevent differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.(wingless-type MMTV integration site family gene, signal transducer and activator of transcription 3)Biological sciencesJing Hao, Teng-Guo Li, Dong-Feng Zhao, Guang-Quan Zhao
Wnt signaling in hydroid development: formation of the primary body axis in embryogenesis and its subsequent patterning.Biological sciencesGunter Plickert, Vered Jacoby, Uri Frank, Werner A. Muller, Ofer Mokady
Wnt signal transduction and the formation of the myocardium .Biological sciencesLeonard M. Eisenberg, Carol A. Eisenberg
Xapelin and Xmsr are required for cardiovascular development in Xenopus laevis.Biological sciencesMasafumi Inui, Akimasa Fukui, Yuzuru Ito, Makoto Asashima
Xenopus Dead end mRNA is a localized maternal determinant that serves a conserved function in germ cell development.Biological sciencesTomas Pieler, Katja Horvay, Maike Clauben, Mathias Katzer, Jobst Landgrebe
Xenopus embryos lacking specific isoforms of the corepressor SMRT develop abnormal heads.(silencing mediator of retinoid and thyroid hormone receptor gene )Biological sciencesMarianne Malartre, Stephen Short, Colin Sharpe
Xenopus Teashirt1 regulates posterior identity in brain and cranial neural crest.Biological sciencesDoris Wedlich, Tomas Pieler, Katja Koebernick, Jubin Kashef
X-tra! X-tra! news from the mouse X chromosome.Biological sciencesJoanne L. Thorvaldsen, Raluca I. Verona, Marisa S. Bartolomei
Yolk proteolysis and aquaporin-1o play essential roles to regulate fish oocyte hydration during meiosis resumption.Biological sciencesMercedes Fabra, Demetrio Raldua, Maria G. Bozzo, Peter M.T. Deen, Esther Lubzens, Joan Cerda
Zebrafish cypher is important for somite formation and heart development.Biological sciencesDavid L.M. van der Meer, Ines J. Marques, Jelani T.D. Leito, Jaya Besser, Jeroen Bakkers, Edwige Schoonheere, Christoph P. Bagowski
Zebrafish Foxd3 is required for development of a subset of neural crest derivatives.(forkhead box box gene 3)Biological sciencesDavid W. Raible, Cynthia Cooper, James A. Lister, Kim Nguyen, Melinda Modrell, Kelly Grant
Zebrafish foxd3 is selectively required for neural crest specification, migration and survival.Biological sciencesA. Thomas Look, Rodney A. Stewart, Brigitte L. Arduini, Stephane Berghmans, Rani E. George, John P. Kanki, Paul D. Henion
Zebrafish furin mutants reveal intricacies in regulating endothelin1 signaling in craniofacial patterning.Biological sciencesCharles B. Kimmel, David W. Stock, Macie B. Walker, Craig T. Miller, Jared Coffin Talbot
Zebrafish msxB, msxC and msxE function together to refine the neural-nonneural border and regulate cranial placodes and neural crest development.Biological sciencesBryan T. Phillips, Hye-Joo Kwon, Colt Melton, Paul Houghtaling, Andreas Fritz, Bruce B. Riley
Zebrafish Staufen1 and Staufen2 are required for the survival and migration of primordial germ cells.Biological sciencesHui Wang, Karuna Sampath, Srinivas Ramasamy, Helen Ngoc Bao Quach
Zebrafish Trap230/Med12 is required as a coactivator for Sox9-dependent neural crest, cartilage and ear development.(mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 12 homolog)Biological sciencesMarlene J. Rau, Sabine Fischer, Carl J. Neumann
Zfh1, a somatic motor neuron transcription factor, regulates axon exit from the CNS.(central nervous system)Biological sciencesChris Q. Doe, Stefan Thor, Michael J. Layden, Joanne P. Odden, Aloisia Schmid, Alain Garces
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