Defense Week 2003 Nathan Hodge - Abstracts

Defense Week 2003 Nathan Hodge
A-10 pilots say upgrades reduce fratricide risk.(fratricide is a term used to describe deaths resulting from friendly-fire )Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Admiral sees 'need' for more ASDS procurement.(Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Admiral: Solipsys available to all CEC competitors.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Army anticipating $98.5 billion for fiscal 2005: general.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Army, Marine Corps to team on fast sealift ships.(U.S. Army and Marines to combine efforts to design high-speed naval vessel with sea lift capabilities)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
As competition nears, Navy's Littoral combatant takes shape.(U.S. Navy, acquisition plans for new Littoral Combat Ship class)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Australian 'hit' on U.S. sub get attention.(during Naval exercise, Australian sub crewmen outperformed U.S. sub crewmen)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Boeing's penalties to have minimal impact on sector.(U.S. Air Force penalizes Boeing for its involvement in corporate espionage)Literature/writingAnn Roosevelt, Nathan Hodge
'Buy American' compromise sought anew.(Bush administration actively involved in finding compromise)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
'Buy American' row leads to Republican rift.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Canadians, Europeans sound alarm over 'buy American'.(international defense industry concerns over U.S. buy national provision of 2004 defense authorization bill)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Casualty of tanker wars: army sealift leases.(controversy over U.S. Air Force tanker aircraft leases prompts Army officials to cancel transport ship lease plans)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Chinese build-up targets U.S. forces in Taiwan Straits.Literature/writingNathan Hodge, Ron Laurenzo
CIA's armed Predator: Friendly-fire risk?(Predator is an unmanned aerial vehicle used by the CIA and the U.S. Air Force)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Coast Guard faces funding gap for Deepwater.(long-term funding of U.S. Coast Guard's Deepwater modernization program)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Companies 'shut out' of Iraq contracts: Critics.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Company expects surge in orders for up-armored Humvees.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Container security initiative may expand to mideast.(U.S. legislation governing the protection of U.S. borders from terrorists use of shipping containers)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Contractors, DOD spar over buying American.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Deepwater firms cope with funding shortfall.(cuts in spending to the U.S. Coast Guard's Deepwater program)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Defense agency rushing new technology to Iraq.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Despite success, plans for thermobaric weapons unclear.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
DRS research agency to tap industry input.(U.S. Department of Homeland Security)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
F/A-22 takes hit from House, Senate authorizers.(U.S. Congress cuts defense spending allowed on F/A-22 attack aircraft)Literature/writingAnn Roosevelt, Nathan Hodge
Fight brewing over 'buy American' legislation.(legislation restricting U.S. military's ability to purchase weapons from foreign countries)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
First LCS will harness existing technology: Admiral.(Littoral Combat Ship (LCS))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Foreign gear aids Iraq campaign, general says.(review of foreign make military equipment used by U.S. forces in the invasion of Iraq)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Franks underscores "lessons learned" in Iraq, Afghanistan.(U.S. General Tommy Franks discusses military operations and campaigns)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Generals push need for future systems now.(Army's top generals seeking advanced technology for troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
House panel slams Pentagon for poor troop protection.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
In caucasus, U.S. finds 'willing' coalition members.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
In Iraq, airborne command systems put to test.(evaluation of U.S. command and control systems used in Iraq air warfare operations)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Iraq training ewild cardE for contractors, exec says.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Iraq war seen as test of sea basing.(U.S. Military strategy of basing military operations from ships rather that on land)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Israelis see parallels in Iraq, occupied territories.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
JASSM cuts "catastrophic": Lockheed.(Lockheed Martin Joint Air-to-surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) programing funding to end)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Lawmakers want new probe of body-armor company.(Point Blank Body Armor L.P.)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Legislation takes aim at government credit-card abuse.Literature/writingJohn M. Donnelly, Nathan Hodge
Legislators take aim at shipbuilding loans.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Looking past Iraq, Navy pushes 'Ready-To-Surge' force.(military planning and operational strategy of the U.S. Navy)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Marine Corps consider Stinger replacement.(Stinger air-defense missile)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Marines have zero tolerance for fratricide: General.(U.S. Marine Corp. position on friendly fires accidents)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Marines unveil shoulder-fired thermobaric weapon in Iraq.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy increasingly draws on long-distance tech support.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy presses ahead with LCS.(U.S. Navy, request for Littoral Combat Ship design proposals)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy research chief touts new venture-capital model.(U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Research Vice Adm. Jay Cohen on new business model for venture capital investments in defense research)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy spreads wealth with LCS awards.(defense contracts for work on the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy takes delivery of advanced mini-sub.(U.S. Navy takes deliver of Northrop Grumman Corp. mini-submarines for use by Navy SEAL commandos)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy touts sub deal; critics still skeptical.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Navy wrestles with 're-cocking' the fleet.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Northrop: Mini-sub cuts Imperil Annapolis facility.(Northrop Co.)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Northrop's DD (X) gets passing marks.(review of work by Northrop Grumman on the U.S. Navy's next-generation surface combatant (DD(X)))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Northrop still aiming for LCS subcontracts.(Northrop Grumman efforts to win defense work on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Nuclear teams at DOE lack airlift, IG says.(U.S. Department of Energy emergency response to terrorism can not deploy rapidly enough in case of nuclear terrorism according to the Inspector General (IG))Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Official: U.S. waged war to show its's no 'paper tiger'.(U.S. senior official with the Pentagon expresses opinion on reasons the U.S. invaded Iraq)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
On Littoral ship, manning is major challenge.(Littoral Combat Ship)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Opportunity knocks for Lockheed with DD(X) radar decision .(U.S. Navy decides to go with S-band radar for its future destroyers increasing changes Lockheed Martin will win contracts)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Pakistan F-16s not under discussion: General.(pending U.S. sale of attack aircraft to Pakistan and Belgium)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Pentagon agency may train Iraq war-crimes prosecutors.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Pentagon could net $434 billion in fiscal 2004.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Pentagon touts troop-rotation plan.(US Defense Department)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Point Blank Body Armor passes test, Army says.(questions involving quality control at Point Blank Body Armor Inc. are investigated)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Post-Iraq, shipyards cope with maintenance spike.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Private sector aided massive sealift operations, says admiral.(Vice Adm. David Brewer commented about recent use private shipping contractors)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Raytheon bets Lockheed for major Navy missile program.Literature/writingJohn M. Donnelly, Nathan Hodge
SEALs' mini-sub finishes OPEVAL.(testing of new small submarine for use by special forces)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Security experts see tough months ahead in Iraq.(security situation)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Ship loan guarantees prone to fraud: GAO.(U.S. General Accounting Office says defense industry contracts with shipbuilders are vulnerable to fraud and waste)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Solipsys still a player in 'network-centric' effort.(Solipsys Corp.)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Special ops command 'anxious' to field Osprey.(CV-22 tiltrotor)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Special-ops sub is up to spec: General.(special operations mini-submarine, U.S. Special Operations Command)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Tactical Tomahawk on track: Navy.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Thermobarics: "catchword" for new class of weapon.(new type of explosives used by U.S. military in Iraq war)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
TIA program in jeopardy, insiders say.(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Terrorism information Awareness (TIA) program)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
'Unsettling' defaults spur reform: DOT IG.Literature/writingNathan Hodge
U. S. shipbuilders seek to end leasing of foreign vessels.(lobbyists on behalf of U.S. shipbuilding industry work to end foreign leasing)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
Verbatim: Army chief of staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker.(excerpts from Gen. Schoomaker's debut speech)Literature/writingNathan Hodge
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