Cell 2006 Timothy R. Hughes - Abstracts

Cell 2006 Timothy R. Hughes
Exploring the mode-of-action of bioactive compounds by chemical-genetic profiling in yeast.Biological sciencesDavid E. Williams, Timothy R. Hughes, Gregory S. Payne, Charles Boone, Brendan J. Frey, Charles Brenner, Brenda Andrews, Gordon Chua, Ainslie B. Parsons, Renee L. Brost, Richelle Sopko, Inmar E. Givoni, Andres Lopes, Christopher A. Gray, Justin Porter, Cheuk-Hei Ho, Jiyi Wang, Troy Ketela, Julie A. Brill, G. Esteban Fernandez, Todd C. Lorenz, Satoru Ishihara, Yoshikazu Ohya, Todd R. Graham, Raymond J. Andersen
Global survey of organ and organelle protein expression in mouse: Combined proteomic and transcriptomic profiling.Biological sciencesJanet Rossant, Timothy R. Hughes, Brian Cox, Andrew Emili, Alexandr Ignatchenko, Thomas Kislinger, Anitha Kannan, Clement Chung, Pingzhao Hu, Michael T. Hallett, Brendan Frey
Identification of a bacterial type III effector family with G protein mimicry functions.Biological sciencesTimothy R. Hughes, Jack E. Dixon, Charles Boone, Renee L. Brost, Partho Ghosh, Neal M. Alto, Feng Shao, Cheri S. Lazar, Gordan Chua, Seema Mattoo, Stephen A. McMahon
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