Cell 2006 Leonard Guarente - Abstracts

Cell 2006 Leonard Guarente
C. elegans SIR-2.1 interacts with 14-3-3 proteins to activate DAF-16 and extend life span.Biological sciencesLeonard Guarente, H. Robert Horvitz, Ala Berdichevsky, Mohan Viswanathan
Genomic instability and aging-like phenotype in the absence of mammalian SIRT6.Biological sciencesLeonard Guarente, Roderick Bronson, Frederick W. Alt, George D. Yancopoulos, Michael O. Hottiger, J. Carl Barrett, Raul Mostoslavsky, Katrin F. Chua, Ethan Ford, Kevin D. Mills, Sonia Franco, David B. Lombard, Wendy W. Pang, Miriam R Fischer , Lionel Gellon, Pingfang Liu, Gustavo Mostoslavsky, Michael M. Murphy, Parin Patel, Joyce T. Hsu, Andrew L. Hong, Hwei-Ling Cheng, Nomeli Nunez, David Fredewey, Wojtek Auerbach, David Valenzuel, Stephen Hursting, Richard Mulligan, Bruce Demple, Margaret Karow
SIRT4 inhibits glutamate dehydrogenase and opposes the effects of calorie restriction in pancreatic [beta] cells.Biological sciencesLeonard Guarente, George D. Yancopoulos, Raul Mostoslavsky, Cynthia Wolberger, Richard Weindruch, Margaret Karow, Marcia C. Haigis, Gill Blander, Tomas A. Prolla, Kevin M. Haigis, David M. Valenzuela, Kamau Fahle, Andrew J. Murphy, Danos C. Christodoulou, Frederick W. Aft
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