Cell 2006 Karl Mechtler - Abstracts

Cell 2006 Karl Mechtler
Asymmetric segregation of the tumor suppressor brat regulates self-renewal in Drosophila neural stem cells.Biological sciencesKarl Mechtler, Juergen A. Knoblich, Joerg Betschinger
Monopolar attachment of sister kinetochores at meiosis 1 requires casein kinase 1.Biological sciencesKarl Mechtler, Mark Petronczki, Juraj Gregan, Katsuhiko Shirahige, Saori Mori, Martin Schwickart, Aliona Bogdanova, Joao Matos
Wapl controls the dynamic association of cohesion with chromatin.(Report)Biological sciencesAlexander Schleiffer, Jan-Michael Peters, Karl Mechtler, Jesse J. Lipp, Stephanie Kueng, Bjorn Hegemann, Beate H. Peters
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