Cell 1998 Wolfgang Baumeister - Abstracts

Cell 1998 Wolfgang Baumeister
A subcomplex of the proteasome regulatory particle required for ubiquitin-conjugate degradation and related to the COP9-signalosome and elF3.Biological sciencesDaniel Finley, Victor A. Fried, Wolfgang Baumeister, David M. Rubin, Olivier Coux, Inge Wefes, Michael H. Glickman, Gunter Pfeifer, Zdenka Cjeka
The proteasome: paradigm of a self-compartmentalizing protease.Biological sciencesWolfgang Baumeister, Erika Seemuller, Jochen Walz, Frank Zuhl
The role of tricorn protease and its aminopeptidase-interacting factors in cellular protein degradation.Biological sciencesFriedrich Lottspeich, Tomohiro Tamura, Wolfgang Baumeister, Noriko Tamura
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