Cell 1998 John Kuriyan - Abstracts

Cell 1998 John Kuriyan
Crystallographic analysis of the recognition of a nuclear localization signal by the nuclear import factor karyopherin alpha.Biological sciencesGunter Blobel, John Kuriyan, Elena Conti, Marc Uy, Lore Leighton
Crystal structure of a tyrosine phosphorylated STAT-1 dimer bound to DNA.Biological sciencesYanxiang Zhao, John Kuriyan, David Jeruzalmi, Uwe Vinkemeier, James E. Darnell Jr., Xiaomin Chen
Crystal structure of the Dbl and Pleckstrin homology domains from the Human Son of Sevenless protein.Biological sciencesDafna Bar-Sagi, John Kuriyan, Stephen M. Soisson, Marc Uy, Anjaruwee S. Nimnual
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