Cell 1998 Cornelia I. Bargmann - Abstracts

Cell 1998 Cornelia I. Bargmann
Natural variation in a neuropeptide Y receptor homolog modifies social behavior and food response in C. elegans.Biological sciencesCornelia I. Bargmann, Mario De Bono
Odorant receptor localization to olfactory cilia is mediated by ODR-4, a novel membrane-associated protein.Biological sciencesPiali Sengupta, Cornelia I. Bargmann, Emily R. Troemel, Noelle D. Dwyer
The conserved immunoglobulin superfamily member SAX-3/robo directs multiple aspects of axon guidance in C. elegans. (Caenorhabditis elegans)Biological sciencesCornelia I. Bargmann, Jennifer A. Zallen, B. Alexander Yi
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