Cell 1998 Corey S. Goodman - Abstracts

Cell 1998 Corey S. Goodman
Genetic analysis of the mechanisms controlling target selection: complementary and combinatorial function of netrins, semaphorins, and IgCAMs.Biological sciencesCorey S. Goodman, Kevin J. Mitchell, Margaret L. Winberg
Plexin A is a neuronal semaphorin receptor that controls axon guidance.Biological sciencesMarc Tessier-Lavigne, Corey S. Goodman, Paolo M. Comoglio, Luca Tamagnone, Margaret L. Winberg, Jasprina N. Noordermeer, Melanie K. Spriggs
Roundabout controls axon crossing of the CNS midline and defines a novel subfamily of evolutionary conserved guidance receptors. (Drosophila)Biological sciencesMarc Tessier-Lavigne, Thomas Kidd, Corey S. Goodman, Richard D. Fetter, Guy Tear, Kevin J. Mitchell, Katja Brose
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