Air Force Magazine 2000 - Abstracts

Air Force Magazine 2000
AEF gives to the Air Force family.(Aerospace Education Foundation; Air Force Association events, meetings, news)Military and naval scienceFrances McKenney
AFA/AEF national report.Military and naval scienceFrances McKenney
Airpower gains in the doctrine wars.Military and naval scienceElaine M. Grossman
Budget fact and fantasy.(defense budget; includes related statistical information)(Aerospace World)Military and naval scienceRobert S. Dudney
Defense spending: illusions and realities.Military and naval scienceRobert S. Dudney
For bombers, does START equal stop? START III reductions, as proposed, could decimate the bomber fleet.(United States and Russia arms reduction treaty)(includes related information on force level disagreements between Congress and the Department of Defense)Military and naval scienceAdam J. Hebert
New missions for Space Command.Military and naval scienceRichard B. Myers
Russian military almanac; organization of the Russian armed forces.(includes related information on organizational data, weapons and armed forces data, defense ministry officials, and Russian military emblems)Military and naval scienceTamar A. Mehuron, Harriet Fast Scott, William F. Scott, David Markov
The CBO's missile defense.Military and naval scienceGeoffrey Forden, Raymond Hall
The long deployment.Military and naval scienceJames Kitfield
The Navy pushes for more.Military and naval scienceChuck McCutcheon
True blue: behind the Kosovo numbers game.Military and naval scienceRebecca Grant
Truman's war.(President Harry S. Truman and the Korean War)Military and naval scienceHerman S. Wolk
Virtual military personnel flight; USAF's bold move to the Internet will let airmen transact business from home or office, any hour, any day.(United States Air Force personnel)Military and naval scienceBruce D. Callander
Will Europe ruin NATO? There are two dangers: the plan for an all-European defense force will fail - or it will succeed.(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)Military and naval scienceJames Kitfield
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